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A key component of APSA's mission is to support political science education and the professional development of its practitioners. Teaching is a vital component of our discipline. The Association seeks to generate a greater understanding of cutting-edge approaches, techniques, and methodologies that can be effectively applied in the political science classroom through programs like the APSA Teaching and Learning Conference, the APSA Distinguished Teaching Award, the APSA Spotlight on Undergraduate Research, and various panels on pedagogical topics at the annual meeting. 


2014 APSA Graduate School Information Fair

Join APSA at the 4th annual Graduate School Information Fair! As a means to further facilitate education and awareness about graduate programs in political science and graduate recruitment of all student groups, APSA will host the Graduate School Information Fair on Saturday, August 30, 2014, from 12pm-2pm, at the 2014 APSA Annual Meeting in Washington, DC. Representatives from political science graduate programs around the country will be on hand to share information and answer questions about their political science programs and course offering to undergraduate students from DC, Marlyand, and Virginia area. Questions: please email [email protected] Interested students and member PhD departments can RSVP online today!


2014 Undergraduate Research Week

In conjunction with National Undergraduate Research Week, APSA is showcasing undergraduate research submitted by political science faculty and departments. Featured research is the result of under graduate coursework, captsone research, research assistantships, or departmenal or college/university-wide undergraduate research efforts. The deadline for all submissions was Friday, April 4, 2014.


APSA Teaching and Learning Conference

The APSA Teaching and Learning Conference (TLC) is a forum for scholars to share effective and innovative teaching and learning models and to discuss broad themes and values of political science education. The APSA Teaching and Learning Conference is a unique meeting in which APSA strives to promote greater understanding of cutting-edge approaches, techniques, and methodologies for the political science classroom. discuss broad themes and values of political science education--especially the scholarship of teaching and learning. More information  >>

The 2014 APSA Teaching and Learning Conference

2013 TLC Papers

Previous TLC Papers

Track Summaries Each year, the TLC tracks publish in PS a summary on the key topics, innovations and suggestions for improving teaching and learning in political science that were discussed in each track. Review the following summaries:


APSA Teaching Resources and Programs

APSA Task Force Reports

The APSA task forces seek to expand the public presence of political science by putting the best of political science research and knowledge at the service of critical issues that have major public policy implications, and by sharing with broader society what political scientists know about important trends and issues in areas of public concern.  Many of task forces include teaching relevant topics and resources, such as the Task for on Political Science in the 21st Century and APSA Task Force on Political Violence and Terrorism. Free .pdf downloads are available at Reports and Publications.

Contact APSA's Education team: For more information on APSA's education and teaching resources, please visit APSA Office of Education and Professional Development or contact us at [email protected]



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APSA Teaching and Learning Conference

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APSA Graduate Student Connection

ICPSR Teaching and Learning!

Annenberg Classroom

Call: Critique: a worldwide student journal of politics, is seeking submissions year round from both undergraduate and graduate students on ideas of democracy and justice.

Global Perspectives is an undergraduate international affairs journal edited and compiled by students from the Occidental College department of Diplomacy and World Affairs. We are now accepting submissions from all over the world. Check us out at http://tinyurl.com/2uhflw.   If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].




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Assessment in Political Science APSA State of the Profession Series
Edited by Michelle Deardorff, Kerstin Hamann, and John Ishiyama.
Learn more »

Assessment in Political Science provides in-depth discussion and resources for classroom, departmental and program assessment. In addition to general assessment tools, the authors and editors provide guidance on assessing learning in special situations such as in online environments and experiential program. This is an excellent reference tool for all departments and faculty in political science. 

The book includes a companion website with additional supplemental material and resources on classroom, departmental and program assessment, and which reflect the scope of the discipline in our work to teach and educate from the undergraduate level to the doctoral level (see: www.apsanet.org/~assessment)

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