Organized Section Awards

Religion and Politics Organized Section: Aaron Wildavsky Dissertation Award Recipients

Aaron Wildavsky Dissertation Award
The Aaron Wildavsky Award recognizes the best dissertation on religion and politics successfully defended within the last two years.

2014Christopher Hale, Northern Arizona University
"Religion and Political Activism."
2013Michael Robbins, University of Michigan
Bound by Brand: Opposition Party Support under Electoral Authoritarianism
2013Honorable Mention
Jeremy Menchik, Boston University
Tolerance Without Liberalism: Islamic Institutions and Political Violence in Twentieth Century Indonesia
2012Toby Matthiesen, University of Cambridge
The Shia of Saudi Arabia: Identity Politics, Sectarianism and the Saudi State (Completed at University of London, SOAS; advised by Professor Charles Tripp)
2011Brandon Kendhammer, Ohio University
"Muslims Talking Politics: Framing Islam and Democracy in Northern Nigeria"
2011Samuel Goldman, Harvard University
"The Shadow of God: Strauss, Jacobi, and the theology-Political Problem"
2010Karrie Koesel, University of Oregon
Belief in Authoritarianism, Religious Revivials, and the Local State in Russia and China
2009Tarek Masoud, Harvard University
Why Islam Wins: Electoral Ecologies and Economies of Political Islam in Contemporary Egypt
2008Yuksel Sezgin, University of Washington
"The States Response to Legal Pluralism: The Case of Religious Law and Courts in Israel, Egypt and India"
2007Ahmet Kuru, San Diego State University
Dynamics of Secularism: State-Religion Relations in the United States, France, and Turkey
2006Andrew March, University of Oxford
"Islamic Doctrines of Citizenship in Liberal Democracies: The Search for an Overlapping Consensus"
2006Gregory Smith, University of Virginia
"Political Parishes: The Influence of Priests on the Voting Behavior and Political Attitudes of American Catholics"
2004Carla Valle, Harvard University
"Roman Catholicism in Post-War Italy: How Social Organizations React to Political Change," Harvard University, 2003
2003Timothy Shah, Harvard University
"A Horror of Discord: Radical Pluralism and the Invention of Liberalism in the Early Writings of Hugo Grotius"
2002Elora Shehabuddin, Rice University
"Encounters with the State: Gender and Islam in Rural Bangladesh"
2001Nandita Aras, Columbia University
"The Social Bases of Hindu Nationalism and Hindu Nationalist Parties"
2001David Campbell, Harvard University
"Acts of Faith: Strict Churches and Political Mobilization"
2000Peter VonDoepp, Pepperdine University
"Presbyterians, Catholics, and Grassroots Politics: Local Churches in Malawi's Post-Authoritarian Era"
1999Nathalie Gagnere, University of Oklahoma
"The Catholic Church and the Rebirth of Civil Society: Elite Convergence, Mobilization, and Civil Society"
1998Andrew Murphy, University of Wisconsin
"Conscience and Community: Revisiting Toleration and Dissent in Early Modern England and America"
1997Carrie Wickham, Princeton University
"Political Mobilization under Authoritarian Rule: Explaining Islamic Activity in Mubarek's Egypt"
1996Geoffrey Layman, Vanderbilt University
"Parties and Culture Wars: Conflict in the American Party System"
1995Thomas Rourke, Texas Tech
"Yves R. Simon and Contemporary Catholic Neo-Conservatism"
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