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PS: Political Science & Politics

APSA's Journal of Record for the Profession

PS: Political Science & Politics provides critical analyses of contemporary political phenomena and is the journal of record for the discipline of political science reporting on research, teaching, and professional development. PS, begun in 1968, is the only quarterly professional news and commentary journal in the field and is the prime source of information on political scientists' achievements and professional concerns.

Current Issue: October Issue, 2016

From the Editor’s Corner: This is shaping up to be one of the most unique, and potentially divisive, elections in generations. At PS: Political Science & Politics, we’ve responded by assembling an impressive and diverse set of elections-related contributions. This special issue includes our traditional forecasting symposium edited by Dr. James E. Campbell plus 22 additional election articles within the politics, profession, and teaching sections.

The articles included in this issue range from David J. Anderson’s reflections on the Iowa Caucus and Diana C. Mutz’s analysis of the relationship between Harry Potter consumption and support for Donald Trump, to Cohen et al.’s evaluation of “the party decides” theory of political parties and the nomination process, to Herbert F. Weisberg’s personal reflections on the collaboration that resulted in The American Voter.

We are also pleased to include in this issue of PS an exciting symposium examining the field of political science from the perspective of Europe. Guest edited by Stokemer, Rashkova, Moses, and Blair, this symposium provides PS readers with a European perspective on several critical issues facing political scientists on both sides of the Atlantic.

This is the first time that we are aware of that PS has been able to complete a full issue on a single topic. Our experience reflects many of the opportunities and challenges that our discipline and academia in general faces as the news cycle accelerates, academic research (and academics) are prominently featured in media coverage, and technological change continues unabated.

Current Virtual Issue: CFP Congressional Fellowship Program

PSC 49 V2 Cover

This virtual issue features articles written by alumni of the American Political Science Association’s Congressional Fellowship Program and published in PS: Political Science & Politics between 2010 and 2015. Established in 1953, the Congressional Fellowship Program brings select scholars and professionals to Washington, DC, each year to serve fellowship placements in congressional and other offices. The articles gathered here—written by alumni who are political scientists, journalists, health policy specialists, and other domestic and international professionals—illustrate the unique first-hand insights into Congress and the legislative process provided by the fellowship experience.

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