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Centers of Teaching & Learning

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University of Alabama 
Center for Teaching and Learning
The Center for Teaching and Learning plays an integral role in the University's plan for academic excellence. The mission of the CTL is to positively impact the teaching and learning process through the design and delivery of academic support services for students. To carry out this mission, we foster collaborative relationships among the CTL, academic departments, and faculty on campus.

Augsburg College
Center for Teaching and Learning
The goals of the Augsburg College Center for Faculty Development have been to assist faculty members in their professional development. Professional development includes the improvement of teaching, the enhancement of student learning, and the facilitation of faculty research and other scholarly activities. The Center also works to encourage faculty leadership development and promotes opportunities for faculty to shape expectations of their own academic roles, rewards, and responsibilities.

Carnegie Mellon University
Eberly Center for Teaching and Learning
The center helps both faculty members and graduate students improve their teaching practices by gaining an understanding of cognitive and educational principles of teaching and learning. Educators are encouraged to reflect, and receive criticism of their course design and classroom performance.

University of Colorado, Boulder
Faculty Teaching Excellence Program
The Faculty Teaching Excellence Program engages traditional and evolving scholarship of teaching and learning in order to strategically support the University of Colorado Boulder faculty in creating and redesigning the most effective classroom practices to facilitate student learning.

Cornell University
Center for Teaching Excellence
The Center for Teaching Excellence emphasizes the importance of life-long learning for the development of outstanding teachers, including faculty members and teaching assistants.

Duke University
Center for Instructional Technology
The Center for Instructional Technology supports the academic mission of Duke University by helping faculty find innovative ways to use technology to achieve their teaching goals. Drawing on expertise in both technology and pedagogy, CIT staff assist faculty with projects, share information across the university about effective practices and examine the effect of technology on teaching and learning.

George Washington University
Instructional Technology Lab
The Instructional Technology Lab (ITL), a division of  Academic Technologies, assists faculty and graduate teaching assistants as they explore existing and emerging technologies in teaching and learning. Through workshops and individualized consultation, the ITL provides expertise and guidance to instructors who need assistance with  Blackboard and other instructional technologies.

University of Georgia 
Center for Teaching and Learning
The central mission of CTL is to provide campus-wide leadership on matters relating to instruction. Since its inception, CTL has sought to promote vitality among faculty and administration and to foster an institutional climate that reinforces excellence in teaching and learning.Teaching is promoted as a fundamental enterprise at UGA through numerous campus-wide activities. These include instructional grants, consultation services, faculty and TA development programs, publications, activities planning, teaching resources, the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, and media services. In addition, seminars, workshops, and conferences that address a wide range of topics are offered throughout the year. 

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning
The Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning (CITL) enhances and supports excellence in teaching and learning across various formats. The Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning has multiple locations. The Armory site currently houses the instructional development staff, two e-Learning professionals, and measurement and evaluation. This group offers an array of campus-wide services to faculty, academic units, and teaching assistants.

Iowa State University 
Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching
CELT's mission is to support, promote, and enhance teaching effectiveness and student learning; encourage scholarship of teaching and learning; communicate the importance of teaching and learning to both internal and external audiences; and serve as a catalyst for learning-centered education.

Kansas State University 
Teaching & Learning Center
The mission of the Teaching & Learning Center of Kansas State University is to encourage, support and promote excellence in teaching and learning throughout the university. The Center is dedicated to fostering best practices in teaching and learning, supporting advancements in research-based scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) and providing professional development for all members of the campuses teaching community.

University of Maryland University College 
Teaching & Learning Transformation Center
The TLTC inspires and supports effective, engaging, efficient, and equitable teaching innovations among the University’s instructors and assistants. TLTC provides faculty, students, and staff with training, resources, professional development activities, and individualized consultation to transform their classrooms and careers. 

University of Michigan 
Center for Research on Teaching and Learning
CRLT is dedicated to the support and advancement of learning and teaching at the University of Michigan. Staff at the Center work collaboratively with faculty, Graduate Student Instructors (GSIs), and the academic administration to develop a University culture that values and rewards teaching, respects and supports individual differences among learners, and encourages the creation of learning environments in which diverse students can' learn and excel.

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Center for Faculty Excellence
CFE provides holistic support to faculty members in all campus units across the spectrum of their professional responsibilities and activities: teaching, scholarship and research, leadership, and mentoring.  

Northwestern University 
Searle Center for Advancing Teaching and Learning
The Center promotes an ongoing discussion about teaching and learning matters, striving both to facilitate that conversation and to contribute to it intellectually. It seeks primarily to treat teaching as scholarship, as serious intellectual work that is as important as the research that faculty members produce, and to think of college courses as windows on the way professors define and practice their disciplines.

University of Oregon  
Teaching Effectiveness Program
The University of Oregon's Teaching Effectiveness Program (TEP) works with UO educators to assess and improve their teaching. TEP offers GTF training, videotaping assessment services, troubleshooting consultations, instructional technology and teaching portfolio assistance to the UO academic community. TEP also maintains an extensive library of education resources, many of which are available online.

Pennsylvania State University
Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence
The Schreyer Institute has University-wide responsibilities to promote and provide opportunities for the sharing of knowledge gained about the teaching and learning process; promote the combined uses of effective educational testing, learning assessment instruments, and teaching effectiveness feedback as important to the improvement of student learning; and promote sound teaching practices to enhance student learning.

Providence College 
Center for Teaching Excellence
The Center's mission is to advance the cause of college teaching by working with faculty members to cultivate an institutional climate in which teaching is highly valued and which promotes excellence in student learning. 

Purdue University   
Center for Instructional Excellence
The Center for Instructional Excellence promotes and advances innovative learning at Purdue and beyond. We support faculty, staff and graduate students in their efforts to develop as teachers and scholars. 

Vanderbilt University 
Center for Teaching
The Center's two main missions are to stimulate dialogue about teaching excellence and to help members of the Vanderbilt teaching community gather, analyze and apply new teaching strategies.

University of Washington 
Center for Teaching and Learning
The Center for Teaching and Learning is dedicated to supporting the UW teaching community. Services provided are grounded in research, draw on established pedagogical approaches, promote innovation, and are deeply collaborative in nature.

University of Virginia 
Center for Teaching Excellence
The Center for Teaching Excellence is a pan-University center for collegial community and committed conversation about teaching at all levels and in all academic disciplines. The CTE offers a number of services and resource materials designed to enhance the teaching abilities and professional development of faculty and teaching assistants at the University of Virginia. 

Temple University
Teaching and Learning Center
The Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) promotes the value and practice of excellent teaching, teaching that facilitates student learning and growth. The TLC’s programs and resources support evidence-based teaching and provide opportunities for faculty and TAs to learn from the experience and expertise of their colleagues.

University of Vermont
Center for Teaching & Learning
The Center for Teaching & Learning explores, promotes, and supports excellence in teaching, with diverse technologies, at UVM.

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