2012 Annual Meeting Program

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Schedule and details subject to change.
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2012 Theme Panels

The 2012 APSA Annual Meeting was canceled due to Hurricane Isaac more information »

Virtual and alternative presentations: In light of the conference cancellation, APSA is collecting information and adding to the online program details about efforts of 2012 panel chairs and presenters to present their panels and papers in other venues in-person and online.

T-1   Theme Roundtable: Representation and Renewal in Europe


T-2   Theme Panel: What Explains the Vote Choice in the 2012 Presidential Election?


T-4   Theme Roundtable: Real Time Political Analysis: Is it scientific? (and should we care)?


T-5   Theme Panel: Renewing Representative Institutions


T-6   Theme Panel: Representation Against the Odds


T-7   Theme Panel: Unveiling Chinese Censorship


T-8   Theme Panel: Electing the President: The National Popular Vote Movement and the Electoral College


T-10   Theme Panel: The Spirit of Compromise: Principles, Politics, and the Common Good


T-11   Theme Panel: Race and Elections: Evidence from Congressional Redistricting


T-12   Theme Panel: Empirical Implications of Theoretical Models (EITM): Comparative


T-13   Theme Panel: Empirical Implications of Theoretical Models (EITM): American


T-14   Theme Panel: Empirical Implications of Theoretical Models (EITM): International Relations


T-15   Theme Panel: Empirical Implications of Theoretical Models (EITM): Evaluating Models


T-16   Theme Panel: Globalization and Representation


T-17   Theme Panel: Should Blacks Represent Blacks and Women Represent Women?


T-18   Theme Panel: Representation and Renewal in Disaster's Wake: Deepwater Horizon, Fukushima, and Public Opinion


T-19   Theme Roundtable: "Field Experiments: Design, Analysis, and Interpretation" by Alan S. Gerber and Donald P. Green


T-20   Theme Panel: Rebuilding the State: Disasters, Institutions, and Their Interactive Effects


T-21   Theme Panel: City Decline and Renewal


T-22   Theme Panels: Justices, Journalists, and the Public: Is the Supreme Court a Representative Body?


T-23   Theme Panel: New Forms of Representation in Latin America


T-24   Perspectives on New Orleans and the Politics of Reconstruction: A Discussion of Perspectives on Politics with the Associate Editors and Editor in Chief


T-25   Theme Panel: Domestic Representation and International Coercion


T-26   Theme Panel: Representation and Undocumented Immigrants: Amnesty, Morality, and Democracy


T-27   Theme Panel: Representation and Citizenship: Recasting the Boundaries of the Polity


T-28   Theme Panel: Democracies for the Few or Many? Institutional and Political Sources of Inequality in the 50 States


T-29   Theme Panel: Faultlines in the 99: Negotiating Difference & Inclusion in the Occupy Movement


T-30   Theme Panel: Representation and Renewal: Views from Gaus Award Winners


T-31   Theme Panel: British Political Development: Institutional Determinants of Representation and Responsiveness


T-32   Theme Panel: Who's Winning and Who's Losing in Health Reform? Elections, Courts, Administrative Agencies and States as Representative Institutions


T-33   Theme Panel: Politics in Real Time: Events, Policies, and the Role of Technology


T-34   Theme Panel: Representative Democracies and Powerful Courts? European Constitutional Courts as Veto Players


T-35   Theme Panel: Renewal and Historical Legacies in International Institutions

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