2012 Annual Meeting Program

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Schedule and details subject to change.
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The 2012 APSA Annual Meeting was canceled due to Hurricane Isaac more information »

Virtual and alternative presentations: In light of the conference cancellation, APSA is collecting information and adding to the online program details about efforts of 2012 panel chairs and presenters to present their panels and papers in other venues in-person and online. Where a chair or presenter has reported that they will or have presented their panel or paper in another venue, it is listed below under an ALTERNATIVE PRESENTATION INFORMATION heading.


Race, Ethnicity, and Politics
32-19   Race, Media and the Politics of Culture

Date: Friday, Aug 31, 2012, 8:00 AM-9:45 AM  
Location: Room assignments are pending. Check back soon for room assignments. Only those registered for the meeting can view room assignments. Subject to change. Check the Final Program at the conference.
Chair(s): Nadia E. Brown
Saint Louis University, [email protected]
President or Dictator? A Comparison of Cuban-American Media Coverage of Cuban News  [Download Paper]
Geoffrey Peterson
University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire, [email protected]
  Etzel Lopez Ortega
  University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire, [email protected]
  Giney Rojas
  University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, [email protected]
  Kara Callahan
  University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire, [email protected]
Spanish in the Statehouse: Spanish-Language Media in the U.S. State Legislatures 
D. Xavier Medina Vidal
Virginia Tech, [email protected]
Liberty and the Promise of Hegemony: The Southern Capture of Liberalism in "Birth of a Nation" and the Republican Response of "Within Our Gates" 
John Steinmetz
University of Oregon, [email protected]
Internal Colonization and Revolt: Rap as an Underground Political Discourse in Oakland, CA from 1965-2010  [Download Paper]
H. Lavar Pope
University of California, Santa Cruz, [email protected]
"What’s on Your Radio? Rap Music and White Racial Attitudes." 
Lakeyta Monique Bonnette
Georgia State University, [email protected]
Discussant(s): Christina M. Greer
Fordham University


No alternative presentation information at this time.

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