2012 Annual Meeting Program

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Schedule and details subject to change.
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2012 Division Panels

The 2012 APSA Annual Meeting was canceled due to Hurricane Isaac more information »

Virtual and alternative presentations: In light of the conference cancellation, APSA is collecting information and adding to the online program details about efforts of 2012 panel chairs and presenters to present their panels and papers in other venues in-person and online.

7   Politics and History

7-1   State-Making in Asia: Convergence and Divergence with World Trends in Theory and Practice


7-2   Thinking about the American State: Roundtable on Mettler's "Submerged State" and Morgan and Campbell's "Delegated Welfare State"


7-3   Presidential Constructions of Politics


7-4   New Interpretations of Founding Political Thought


7-5   Labor and American Political Development


7-6   Colonial Legacies and the Construction of Nations


7-7   Progressives and the American State


7-8   Party Coalitions in the U.S.


7-9   Early American Politics


7-10   Paths of Racial Change in the U.S.


7-11   Historical Legacies and Political Cleavages: The Making and Unmaking of the Political Landscape.


7-12   Integrating Politics and History into the Teaching of Constitutional Law


7-13   American Political Thought and American Political Development: A Neglected Relationship?


7-14   The Renewal and Recycling of Ideas in Policy


7-15   Violence and Local Order in American Political Development


7-16   Theme Panel: British Political Development: Institutional Determinants of Representation and Responsiveness


7-17   Legislative Politics and American Political Development


7-18   American Racial Politics in the Twentieth Century


7-19   Forty Years On: How Watergate Has Affected American Politics


7-20   Policy and the New Dynamics of American Politics


7-21   Using Courts to Construct the State


7-22   Trubowitz's Politics and Strategy: Partisan Ambition and American Statecraft

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