2011 Annual Meeting Program

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2011 Short Courses

** Registration is required to participate in short courses ** See www.apsanet.org/shortcourses for more information »

Short Courses


SC 1 Multi-Method Research


SC 2 Designing and Conducting Field Research


SC 3 Latino Politics Workshop


SC 4 OPOSSEM: A Web Portal for Social Science Methods Education


SC 5 Improving Your Field Research Anywhere: Methods, Practices, Strategies, and Technologies


SC 6 Approaching Visual Images: Photography, Politics & Political Science


SC 7 Getting a Job at a Teaching Institution - and Succeeding!


SC 8 An Insider's Guide to Getting Published in Academic Journals


SC 9 Comparative Executives


SC 10 Social Justice and the Ethics of Engaged Scholarship


SC 11 Researching to Learn, Learning to Research: Teaching, Learning, and Researching Political Science in an Online Environment


SC 13 Archival Research for Political Scientists


SC 14 Designing Field Research: Interpretive Approaches


SC 15 Teaching Gender & Politics: Views from the Field


SC 16 Internationalizing the Political Science Discipline-Lessons Learned and Next Steps


SC 17 Dynamic Process Tracing: A Decision Making Research Tool


SC 18 Preparing an Effective Teaching Portfolio for Tenure and Promotion, Teaching Awards, and Job Applications


SC 19 The Women's Caucus for Political Science Pre-Conference: Getting the Job, Tenure, Promotion, Being Externally Reviewed


SC 20 The Women's Caucus for Political Science Pre-Conference: Work-Life Balance: A Discussion of Flexibility in the Workplace and Living Healthy and Happy Lives


SC 21 The Women's Caucus for Political Science Pre-Conference: Out of the Classroom and into the Fray: The Political Scientist in Governing


SC 22 The Women's Caucus for Political Science Pre-Conference: The Publishers Speak


SC 23 Understanding Complexity I: Simple Applications for Political Science and Policy Research & Theory Development


SC 24 Understanding Complexity II: A Simple Guide to Using & Developing Agent-Based Models for Research


SC 26 The Policy Agendas Projects


SC 27 Innovative Methods: Sequence Analysis for Political Science


SC 28 Patterns of Electoral Change in Western Democracies: Reconciling Critical and Secular Realignments


SC 29 Republicanism and Virtue


SC 30 Confederational American Political Thought


SC 32 Social Media for Political Scientists


SC 33 Rights and the City: From Concept to Action


SC 34 Introduction to Political Networks Concepts and Data

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