2011 Annual Meeting Program

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2011 Related Group Panels

American Enterprise Institute

No panels

African Politics Conference Group

Panel 1   Accountability and Redistribution in Africa


Panel 2   South Sudan: A Lens for a New Paradigm of African Politics


Aging Policy and Politics Group

Panel 1   POLICY AND POLITICS OF AGING IN OECD STATES: Health Reform, Long-Term Care and Age-Identity Politics


Project on the American Constitution

No panels

Asian Pacific American Caucus

Panel 1   The National Asian American Survey and Its Implications for Studies of Political Behavior


Panel 2   Asian American Identity and Politics


American Public Philosophy Institute

Panel 1   Roundtable on Natural Law and Contemporary Political Controversies


American Political Thought

Panel 1   American Exceptionalism


Panel 2   Executive Power and the Politics of Rights


Association of Chinese Political Studies

Panel 1   A New Cold War? Understanding the Recent Chill in US-China Relations


Panel 2   Chinese Traditions in International Relations


Association Française de Science Politique Group

Panel 1   French Legislative Politics in Comparative Perspective


Panel 2   Feminist movements and the challenge of pluralism: practices of intersectionality in a comparative perspective


Walter Bagehot Research Council on National Sovereignty

Panel 1   The U.S. President, Congress, and the Conduct of Military Conflict in the 21st Century in the Light of New Forms Warfare


Brazilian Political Science Association

Panel 1   Political Participation and Policy Outcomes in Contemporary Brazil


Panel 2   Foreign Policy in Latin America: Between Public Policy and Foreign Policy Analysis


British Politics Group

Panel 1   Understanding the 2010 British Elections


Panel 2   The Year in Review


Panel 3   The Politics of Rights in the UK


Panel 4   Debates about immigration and race in the UK


Campaign Finance Research Group

Panel 1   Dynamics of Campaign Fundraising


Panel 2   Party and Interest Group Responses to Campaign Finance Reform


Committee for Analysis of Military Operations and Strategy

Panel 1   Contemporary Issues in Civil-Military Relations


Society of Catholic Social Scientists

Panel 1   Tocqueville and Catholicism


Cato Institute

Panel 1   Exploring the Origins and Implications of the Military-Industrial Complex


The Churchill Centre

Panel 1   A Roving Commission: Politics in Churchill's Autobiography


Christians in Political Science

Panel 1   The Politics of Memory and Reconciliation


Ciceronian Society

Panel 1   Rights, Place, and Alienation in America


Panel 2   The Roman Knows


Claremont Institute for the Study of Statesmanship and Political Philosophy

Panel 1   Leo Strauss and Carl Schmitt


Panel 2   The Recent Term of the U.S. Supreme Court


Panel 3   The 112th Congress


Panel 4   Prospects for the 2012 Presidential Election


Panel 5   Xenophon, the Philosopher, and the Theological-Political Problem


Panel 6   The 150th Anniversary of Fort Sumter: Lessons for Presidential Power Today


Panel 7   Jaffa's Thomism and Aristotelianism Reconsidered


Panel 8   The Reagan Legacy for Today's Politics on the 100th Anniversary of His Birth


Panel 9   The Return to Founding Principles: Should Natural Rights Be Part of the Conservative Resurgence?


Panel 10   The Resurgence of State Sovereignty: The Right Move for Conservatism?


Panel 11   Does a Return to the Constitution Mean a Return to Libertarianism?


Panel 12   The Philosophical Foundations of Liberalism


Center for the Study of the Constitution

No panels

Center for the Study of Federalism

Panel 1   Theme Panel: Majoritarian Institutions and Minority Rights: Direct Democracy in the American States


Panel 2   Obama Administration: Shaping Intergovernmental Relations in the Obama years


Panel 3   Federalism and Rights


Communitarian Network

No panels

Critical Policy Studies

Panel 1   Policy, Identity, and the Politics of Difference


Panel 2   Governance, Policy Learning and Change


Comparative Urban Politics

Panel 1   Roundtable: Multilevel Governance in Canada: Constitutional Rights and Power Shifts


Panel 2   The Right to the City in Comparative Perspective


European Consortium for Political Research

Panel 1   Collaborative Innovation in the Public Sector: How Can Governance Networks Produce Policy Innovation?


Political Forecasting Group

Panel 1   Issues in Forecasting Elections


Panel 2   The Predictioneer's Game and Beyond: An Assessment of Bruce Bueno de Mesquita's Forecasting Model


Panel 3   Presidential Election Forecasting


French Politics Group

Panel 1   Theme Panel: Parity and the Shift from ‘Universal’ to Group Rights in France


Panel 2   French Presidential Elections


Panel 3   France at the EU, G8 and G20: International governance in question?


International Association for the Study of German Politics

Panel 1   Rethinking German Federalism: Perspectives on a Multi-Level State


Global Forum of Chinese Political Scientists

Panel 1   Political Development Under An Authoritarian Regime: Findings from Recent Survey Research in China


Panel 2   Dynamics in Cross-Strait Relations: Taiwan, China, and the Asia-Pacific Stability


Panel 3   Rights and Responsibility of a Rising China


Society for Greek Political Thought

Panel 1   Violence, Action, and Withdrawal in Democratic Athens


Panel 2   Poetry, Philosophy, and Politics in Greek and Renaissance Tragedy


Panel 3   Socrates on Justice, Eros, and the Gods


Panel 4   The Roman Knows


Green Politics and Theory

Panel 1   Responses to Climate Change: Ethics, Rights, and Justice


National Humanities Institute

Panel 1   The Politics of Human Scale


Iberian Studies Group

Panel 1   Developments in Iberian Politics


Institute for Constitutional Studies

Panel 1   Race, Gender, and Sexuality in Institutional Development


Indigenous Studies Network

Panel 1   Laws, Organizations, and Indigenous Peoples' Rights


Panel 2   Theorizing Settler-Colonialism


Interpretive Methodologies and Methods

Panel 1   The Methods Café


Panel 2   Crafting Interpretive Research: Theoretical Possibilities and Practical Challenges


Panel 3   Conceptualization: Theoretical Approaches and Empirical Applications


Intelligence Studies Group

Panel 1   Assessing Intelligence Reform


IPSA Research Committee #12 (Biology and Politics)

Panel 1   Evolution and Politics


IPSA Research Committee 1 (Concepts and Methods)

Panel 1   Theme Roundtable: Hanna Pitkin’s 'Concept of Representation' Revisited: A New Agenda for Studying Representation Rights?


Panel 2   Conceptualization: Theoretical Approaches and Empirical Applications


IPSA Research Committee #36 (Power)

Panel 1   Is Power Zero-Sum?


Association for Israel Studies

Panel 1   Politics of Rights in the Middle East


Conference Group on Italian Politics and Society

Panel 1   The Italian Political System 150 Years On: The Risorgimento’s Relevance Today


Japan Political Studies Group

Panel 1   The Unimagined Party and Politician Responses to Japan’s Electoral Reforms


Conference Group on Jurisprudence and Public Law

No panels

The Association of Korean Political Studies

Panel 1   What (Not) to Do with North Korea?


Labor Project

Panel 1   The Politics of Labor Rights


Panel 2   Workers Rights in an International Economy


Latino Caucus in Political Science

Panel 1   The New Latino Politics?


Latin American Studies Association

Panel 1   Decentralized Natural Resource Management in Recentralizing Latin America


Panel 2   Theme Panel: The Politics of LGTB Rights in Latin America


Law and Political Process Study Group

Panel 1   Redistricting Roundtable: Law and Politics in the New Decade


Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered Caucus

Panel 1   Sexual Minority Rights and LGBTQ People: Discourse and Framing in Movement Activism


Panel 2   Public Opinion, the Law, and LGBT Rights: From Global to Local


Association for Politics and the Life Sciences

Panel 1   Current Research in Biopolitics


McConnell Center for Political Leadership

Panel 1   Statesmanship and Democracy


Politica: Study of Medieval Political Thought

Panel 1   Politics and Economics in the Middle Ages


Conference Group on the Middle East

No panels

Association for the Study of Nationalities

Panel 1   Historical Legacies in Contemporary Politics


Panel 2   Political Science and the Holocaust: New Findings and Research Agendas


Committee on the Political Economy of the Good Society

Panel 1   Xenophon and the Constitution of the Good Society


American Society for Political & Legal Philosophy

Panel 1   Nomos: Federalism and Subsidiarity: Against Dual Federalism


Panel 2   Nomos: Federalism and Subsidiarity: The Constitution and Federalism


Panel 3   Nomos: Federalism and Subsidiarity: The City and Subsidiarity


Poverty, Inequality, and Public Policy Caucus

Panel 1   Poverty and Public Policy


Practicing Politics Working Group

Panel 1   Governing Bilaterally: the Politics of BITs and PTAs


Panel 2   Technology, Development and Global Governance: Beyond Instrumentality, Liberalization, and Participation


Panel 3   The Changing Nature of the World’s Second Oldest Profession: The Oxford Handbook of Modern Diplomacy Project


Panel 4   The Politics of Federal Budget Process Reform


Political Studies Association

Panel 1   The Politics of Rights in the UK


Panel 2   France at the EU, G8 and G20: International governance in question?


Policy Studies Organization

Panel 1   Poverty and Public Policy


Publius: The Journal of Federalism

Panel 1   Fiscal Federalism: Federal Assistance to U.S. States


Panel 2   The State of American Federalism 2010-2011


Society for Romanian Studies

Panel 1   Society for Romanian Studies


Slovenian Political Science Association



Committee for Political Sociology

Panel 1   Rights claiming and political participation


Conference Group on Taiwan Studies

Panel 1   New Directions in the Study of Taiwan Politics


Panel 2   The Taiwan Experience and Democracy in China


Committee on Viable Constitutionalism

No panels

Eric Voegelin Society

Panel 1   Mysticism & Politics in Voegelin’s Theory


Panel 2   Religious Experience and Politics: Eric Voegelin and Beyond


Panel 3   The Languages of Eric Voegelin


Panel 4   The Range of Human Memory


Panel 5   Order and Disorder in International Politics: From Pacem in Terris to the Regensburg Address


Panel 6   Is there a clash of civilizations? Geopolitics and Globalization.


Panel 7   What Does Mass Man Do With His Soul? Popular Arts in Democracies


Panel 8   Realism in Political Philosophy


Panel 9   Voegelin and Personalism


Panel 10   Perspectives on the Crisis of Modernity


Panel 11   A Republic if You can Keep it: Constitutionalism in Crisis?


Panel 12   Voegelin Studies and East Asian Politics: The Silent Brush-Politics & Art in China


Consortium of Washington Internship Programs

No panels

Women in International Security

No panels

Women's Caucus for Political Science

Panel 1   The Practice of Politics: A Gendered Assessment of the Obama Administration


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