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2011 Program Highlights

Thursday, September 1

12:45 pm - APSA Awards Ceremony
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12:45 pm - Labor History Discussion and Bus Tour: Convention Center 2A
Learn about labor history in Seattle on a free guided bus tour. The tour will feature visits to must-see historical sites, including Pablo O'Higgins Shipscalers mural, the sites of the Seattle Union Record and Seattle's original labor temple, the graves of the Everett Massacre victims, and much more.
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6:00 pm - Grad Student Happy Hour
Graduate students are invited to network with each other and meet informally with APSA officers and council members.
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6:00 pm - International Attendee Welcome Reception
APSA invites all international attendees to this special reception as a welcome to Seattle, WA and the 2011 Annual Meeting.
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8:00 pm -APSA Presidental Address, "Participatory Democracy Revisited"
Carole Pateman is a Distinguished Professor of Political Science. She also holds a zero appointment in the Women's Studies Department and is a member of the Executive Committee of the Center for Social Theory and Comparative History. Her teaching posts span Europe and Australia as well as Stanford and Princeton Universities. At UCLA she teaches classes for both undergraduates and graduates, and works with students pursuing independent study, honors research and doctoral candidates.
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9:00 pm - 107th APSA Annual Meeting Opening Reception
Sponsored by Cambridge University Press. APSA will host the 107th APSA Annual Meeting Opening Reception. Join the reception for entertainment, hors d'oeuvres and cocktails immediately following the Presidential Address. Celebrate the start of the 2011 Annual Meeting!
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Friday, September 2

9:30 am - Coffee Break to Introduce the APSA Distinguished Teaching Award
APSA will offer its first teaching prize in 2012. Stop by to learn more about the award and its significance to the profession. There will be coffee and pastries.
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12:00 pm - Democracy, Economic Security and Social Justice in a Volatile World, President's Task Force Report
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James Madison Award Lecture
Jane Mansbridge, Harvard University:
"Democracy's Unsolved Problems"

Jane Mansbridge
12:15 pm
From the Harvard Kennedy School profile:
Dr. Mansbridge is an Adams Professor of Political Leadership and Democratic Values, is the author of Beyond Adversary Democracy, an empirical and normative study of face-to-face democracy, and the award-winning Why We Lost the ERA, a study of anti-deliberative dynamics in social movements based on organizing for an Equal Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. She is also editor or coeditor of the volumes Beyond Self-Interest, Feminism, and Oppositional Consciousness. Her current work includes studies of representation, democratic deliberation, everyday activism, and the public understanding of collective action problems.
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6:00 pm - The Fate of the Affordable Care Act and the Right to Health Insurance Coverage
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6:00 pm - Foundations of Political Theory Plenary Lecture, Arjun Appadurai, New York University
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John Gaus Award Lecture
Hal Rainey, University of Georgia
"Organizations, Politics, and Public Purposes: Analyzing Public Organizations and Public Management"

Steve Kelman
6:15 pm
From the University of Georgia profile:
Dr. Rainey is an Alumni Foundation Distinguished Professor and the University of Georgia's PhD Director. Rainey concentrates on research and teaching in public management and organizational theory, with emphasis on leadership, incentives and motivation, and reform and change in public and nonprofit organizations, and with a particular interest in the similarities and differences among organizations and managers in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors, and in the privatization of public services.
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7:00 pm Reception Honoring Teaching
Everyone is invited to this reception honoring campus-wide teaching award recipients.
Sponsored by Pi Sigma Alpha
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Saturday, September 3

11:15 am Meet the Council Nominees
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12:15 pm APSA Annual Business and General Membership Meeting
This is your chance to participate in APSA governance and witness the leadership transition from President Carole Pateman to President-Elect Bingham Powell Jr. Open to all members. For more about the agenda and rules of the meeting click here.
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2:00 pm What the Strong Want and What the Weak Suffer
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4:15 pm The Future of Publishing Books & E-Books in Political Science
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6:00 pm Plenary Roundtable: Women's Rights Around the Globe
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New Political Science Plenary Address
Frances Fox Piven
Distinguished Professor at the City University of New York

Frances Fox Piven
8:30 pm - "Beating Back the Corporate Assault"

From the CUNY faculty profile: Distinguished Professor Frances Fox Piven received her Ph.D. from the University of Chicago. Before coming to the Graduate Center, she taught at Boston University, Columbia University, New York University Law School, the Institute of Advanced Studies in Vienna, the University of Amsterdam, and the University of Bologna. She is past Vice-President of the American Political Science Association, has served as program co-chair of the annual political science meetings, and is a past president of the Society for the Study of Social Problems. She is currently President of the American Sociological Association.
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