2010 Annual Meeting Program

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Short Courses

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  SC 1 Multi-Method Research  
  SC 2 Designing and Conducting Field Research  
  SC 3 Political Scientists and the Fulbright Scholar Program  
  SC 4 Gender and Institutions  
  SC 5 Legal Challenges to Gender-Based Violence  
  SC 6 Using Dynamic Process Tracing for Studying Information Search and Decision Making  
  SC 7 Leading in Hard Times: Statesmanship and Democracy  
  SC 8 The UK and US in 2010: Transition and Transformation  
  SC 9 Gender Equality Policies  
  SC 10 Workshop on Comparative Urban Research: Prospects and Challenges in a Comparative Approach  
  SC 11 New Opportunities, New Challenges: The CSES & EES Data Sets  
  SC 12 Latino Politics Workshop  
  SC 13 The DC LGBTea Party: Challenges and Strategies in Politics and Political Science  
  SC 14 Approaching Visual Images: Photography, Politics & Political Science  
  SC 15 Political Marketing: The Myths, Values and Ethics  
  SC 16 The Political Scientist as Pre-Law Advisor  
  SC 17 Agent-Based Modeling in Policy: How to Simply Demonstrate Dynamics, Complexity, and Alternatives in Analysis  
  SC 18 Getting a Job at a Teaching Institution - and Succeeding!  
  SC 19 An Introduction to Archival Research  
  SC 20 Field Research: Interpretive Approaches  
  SC 21 Blended Learning and Online Activities in Political Science Courses  
  SC 22 Teaching Political Science at the Two- Year College: The Joys, the Challenges, and an Open-Ended Job Description  
  SC 24 Use of GIS for Effective Policy Development  
  SC 25 Teaching Statistical Concepts with Activities, Data, and Technology  
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