2010 Annual Meeting Program

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Division Panels



26   Law and Courts


26-1   Strategic Judicial Deliberation and Decisionmaking


26-2   Judicial Independence, the Rule of Law and the Prospect for Good Governance


26-3   Policy and Politics on State Courts


26-4   U.S. Supreme Court Politics


26-5   Law and Ideology on the Supreme Court


26-6   State Law and Courts


26-7   Federal Judicial Selection


26-8   Authors Meet Critics: In Defense of Judicial Elections


26-9   Book Roundtable on Charles R. Epp’s Making Rights Real: Activists, Bureaucrats, and the Creation of the Legalistic State


26-10   U.S. Courts of Appeals Decision Making


26-11   Roundtable on Justice Sonia Sotomayor: First Appraisals of a First-Year Justice


26-12   Policy Making on Lower Federal Courts


26-13   Theme Panel: Courts and Hard Times


26-14   Views Toward Law and Courts


26-15   Quantitative Approaches to Analyzing Legal Phenomena


26-16   Legal Complexities


26-17   New Perspectives on Judicial Supremacy


26-18   Jurisprudential Patterns and Judicial Practices at Home and Abroad


26-19   Intersections of Law and Religion


26-20   Rule of Law and Judicial Independence in Emerging or Weak Democracies

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