2010 Annual Meeting Program

Online Program » Wednesday, Sep 1

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Please note: all information presented below is subject to change.




Wednesday, Sep 1, 8:00 AM


Legal Challenges to Gender-Based Violence (SC 5 Short Courses)


Wednesday, Sep 1, 8:30 AM


The UK and US in 2010: Transition and Transformation (SC 8 Short Courses)


The Political Scientist as Pre-Law Advisor (SC 16 Short Courses)


Wednesday, Sep 1, 9:00 AM


APSA Council Meeting (APSA Events)


Multi-Method Research (SC 1 Short Courses)


Political Marketing: The Myths, Values and Ethics (SC 15 Short Courses)


Field Research: Interpretive Approaches (SC 20 Short Courses)


Wednesday, Sep 1, 9:30 AM


Gender Equality Policies (SC 9 Short Courses)


New Opportunities, New Challenges: The CSES & EES Data Sets (SC 11 Short Courses)


Approaching Visual Images: Photography, Politics & Political Science (SC 14 Short Courses)


An Introduction to Archival Research (SC 19 Short Courses)


Blended Learning and Online Activities in Political Science Courses (SC 21 Short Courses)


Use of GIS for Effective Policy Development (SC 24 Short Courses)


Teaching Statistical Concepts with Activities, Data, and Technology (SC 25 Short Courses)


Wednesday, Sep 1, 12:00 PM


Latino Politics Workshop (SC 12 Short Courses)


Wednesday, Sep 1, 1:00 PM


Gender and Institutions (SC 4 Short Courses)


Using Dynamic Process Tracing for Studying Information Search and Decision Making (SC 6 Short Courses)


Leading in Hard Times: Statesmanship and Democracy (SC 7 Short Courses)


Workshop on Comparative Urban Research: Prospects and Challenges in a Comparative Approach (SC 10 Short Courses)


The DC LGBTea Party: Challenges and Strategies in Politics and Political Science (SC 13 Short Courses)


Agent-Based Modeling in Policy: How to Simply Demonstrate Dynamics, Complexity, and Alternatives in Analysis (SC 17 Short Courses)


Getting a Job at a Teaching Institution - and Succeeding! (SC 18 Short Courses)


Teaching Political Science at the Two- Year College: The Joys, the Challenges, and an Open-Ended Job Description (SC 22 Short Courses)


Wednesday, Sep 1, 2:00 PM


Designing and Conducting Field Research (SC 2 Short Courses)


Wednesday, Sep 1, 3:00 PM


Political Scientists and the Fulbright Scholar Program (SC 3 Short Courses)

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