2009 Annual Meeting Program

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Division Panels



7   Politics and History


7-1   North, Wallis and Weingast's "Violence and Social Orders"


7-2   The Persistence of Nationalism and Nation-Building in the 21st Century


7-3   Bringing Sexual Orientation In: Gay Citizenship and American Political Development


7-4   The Life and Scholarship of Charles Tilly


7-5   Rethinking the American State: Historians and Political Scientists Converse


7-6   Standardizing the American State: Historical and Theoretical Perspectives


7-7   Fresh Debates in Southern Politics: Race, Class, Religion, and Partisanship in a Changing American South


7-8   Author Meets Readers: Sheldon Pollack's "War, Revenue, and State Building: Financing the Development of the American State."


7-9   New Perspectives on Congress and History


7-10   The Political Analysis of Policy Development


7-11   Shifting Modes of Governance: A Punitive Turn in American Social Policy?


7-12   Social Movements and Their Tactics


7-13   Engines of Change? American Political Parties in Historical Perspective


7-14   Experts in the American Polity


7-15   The Politics of Social Policy: Historical Perspectives


7-16   Race and American Political Development


7-17   Institutional Analysis of the Courts


7-18   Economic Regulation in Historical and Comparative Perspective


7-19   Presidential Development in Historical Perspective


7-20   The Scholarly Legacy of Nelson W. Polsby

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