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Edward S. Corwin Award Recipients

Year Author Dissertation Submitted by
2016 Jud Mathews Constitutional Rights, Private Law, and Judicial Power
Yale University
2015 Matthew Hitt Judgment-Rationale Inconsistency in the US Supreme Court
Ohio State University
2014 Rachel Hinkle The Role of the United States Courts of Appeals in Legal Development Washington University, St. Louis 
2013 Ezequiel Gonzalez Ocantos The Collapse of Impunity in Latin America: Legal Culture, Strategic Litigation and Judicial Behavior  University of Notre Dame
2012 Lauren McCarthy Trafficking (In)justice:  Law Enforcement’s Response to Human Trafficking in Russia University of Wisconsin, Madison 
2011 Emily Zackin Positive Constitutional Rights in the United States Princeton University
2010 Patrick Peel Building Judicial Capacity in the Early American State: Legal Populism, County Courts, and Credit, 1645-1860 Johns Hopkins University
2009 Mark Massoud Who Rules the Law? How Government, Aid Agencies, and Civil Society Manipulate Law in Sudan University of California, Berkeley
2008 Diana Kapiszewsk Challenging Decisions: High Courts and Economic Governance in Argentina and Brazil  University of California, Berkeley
2007 Maria Dimitrova Popova Judicial Independence and Political Competition: Electoral and Defamation Disputes in Russia and Ukraine Harvard University
2006 Justin J. Wert The Not-So-Great Writ: Habeas Corpus and American Political Development University of Oklahoma
2005 Lori A. Johnson Who Governs the Guardians? The Politics of Policymaking for Federal Courts
Mercer University
2005 Martin J. Sweet Supreme Policymaking: Coping with the Supreme Court's Affirmative Action Policies Honors College, Florida Atlantic University
2004 Tamir Moustafa Law Versus the State: The Expansion of Constitutional Power in Egypt, 1980-2001 University of Wisconsin
2003 Jeffrey Kaplan Staton Judicial Activism and Public Authority Compliance: The Role of Public Support in the Mexican Separation-Of-Powers System Washington University
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