APSA Distinguished Teaching Award


The Association’s first discipline-wide award for teaching.

The APSA Distinguished Teaching Award honors outstanding contributions to undergraduate and graduate teaching of political science at two- and four-year institutions. The contributions the award recognizes may span several years or an entire career, although it may also recognize a single project of exceptional impact.

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2014 Distinguished Teaching Award Committee

Chair: Luis Ricardo Fraga
University of Washington
Office of the Provost
340D Gerberding Hall
Seattle, WA  98195-1237
[email protected]

Wendy L. Martinek
Department of Political Science
Binghamton University
P.O. Box 6000
Binghamton, NY  13902-6000
[email protected]

Matt Murphy
Centenary College
History & Political Science
Shreveport, LA  71104
[email protected]




The award was created on the recommendation of APSA's Teaching and Learning committee and has been endowed through generous gifts from APSA members.

For more than 100 years the American Political Science Association has sought to recognize excellence across the discipline. Prizes for scholarship and service have been the norm but one key element has been missing. This award signals the central role teaching holds in the profession and helps shape the future direction of the association.

Political scientists all come from diverse backgrounds with varied interests and specialties. But one common strain all political scientest, and everyone associated with APSA, shares is that they are all educators, training and developing the next generation of citizens and scholars. Whether done through one-on-one sessions with graduate students, engaging a lecture hall of hundreds, using technology to reach our students, or contribute by building infrastructure to enhance the teaching endeavor, the sharing of our knowledge defines all political scientists.

Kerstin Hamann, University of Central Florida
Dick Simpson, University of Illinois, Chicago


Barbara B. Bardes
Harold F. Bass
John C. Berg
Mitchell Brown
Michelle Deardorff
Mary H. Durfee
Welling Hall
Kim Quaile Hill
Karen M. Hult
John Ishiyama
Tobe Johnson
Jane Y. Junn
Melvin A. Kahn
Gary Klass
David B. Magleby

L. Sandy Maisel
Alison McCartney
Richard G. Niemi
Elinor Ostrom
Carole Pateman
William D. Pederson
Dianne M. Pinderhughes
Philip H. Pollock III
Barbara A. Presnall
Erin E. Richards
Mark Carl Rom
Kay Lehman Schlozman
Theda Skocpol
Rogers Smith
James A. Thurber
Pamela A. Zeiser

Fund Leaders

Elizabeth A. Bennion
Thomas R. Dye
Morris Fiorina
Ole R. Holsti
Kenneth Janda
Calvin C. Jillson
Nancy S. Love
Henry R. Nau
Larry J. Sabato
W. Phillips Shively
Robert J. Spitzer
Susan Welch
James Q. Wilson


donate buttonGifts from members and friends to help fund the award are always appreciated and help APSA promote teaching in political science. Please take a moment today and contribute to the award fund.

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