2011 APSA Annual Meeting Location Change A Message from APSA President Carole Pateman Explaining the Move

UPDATE (11/23/10)
APSA has selected Seattle, Washington for the site of the 2011 APSA Annual Meeting. 
The letter from President Carole Pateman below explain the reasons for the location change.

October 2010

Dear Colleagues,

I know that many of you are wondering what is happening about our 2011 Annual Meeting. This is the position at present.

I regret that we will not be meeting in San Francisco as originally planned.

A very protracted labor dispute between the service workers of UNITE HERE Local 2 and San Francisco hotels has been taking place and there is no sign of an end. Without any resolution clearly in sight, the APSA Council determined that we could not guarantee that the facilities and environment necessary for our scholarly deliberations would be available.

Acting on Council direction, the Association therefore notified the host hotels in San Francisco that, under these circumstances, we would not be able to hold our meeting there. We have subsequently reached a withdrawal agreement with the San Francisco hotels that will allow us to relocate without paying penalties – for which our staff deserve thanks. We are planning to return to San Francisco soon.

As I write to you, an alternative site for the 2011 Annual Meeting has not yet been selected. Let me emphasize that we are holding guaranteed space while we explore several possibilities. My preference is to find a new location on the west coast and so minimize disruption to everyone's plans. We anticipate that arrangements for a new site will be completed relatively soon now. The allocation of panels for the 2011 meeting will quickly follow.

The decision to move the meeting has not been an easy one, but there was little alternative if we were to ensure the success of the meeting for all participants. The APSA will announce the new venue as soon as the decision has been made. I look forward to seeing you there in 2011.

With best wishes
Carole Pateman
President APSA

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