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Writing and Publishing in Political Science

Publishing Political Science: APSA Guide to Writing and PublishingPublishing Political Science: The APSA Guide to Writing and Publishing (2008) Edited by Stephen Yoder (former Managing Editor of PS: Political Science & Politics), this first volume in APSA's "State of the Profession" book series, provides practical advice from leading political scientists and publishers. Publishing Political Science opens with a discussion of the state of publishing and review of publishing opportunities for political science. The second part covers writing for particular venues and audiences such as literature reviews, textbooks, journals, blogs, and reference books. The third section provides practical advice from publishers on how to get your work published. It describes how to write successful book proposals, how to negotiate and establish a sound contract with a publisher. This is an essential reference for ALL political scientists.
Style Manual for Political Science (Out of print as of Sept. 2009) The Style Manual for Political Science provides guidelines and suggestions for political science writing. It includes submission guidelines for The American Political Science Review and detail on citations for electronic sources and submission guidlines for PS: Political Science & Politics and Perspectives on Politics.
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cover of getting publishedGetting Published in Political Science Journals: A Guide for Authors, Editors, and Librarians (5th ed., 2001), edited by Fenton Martin and Robert Goehlert, this listing of 118 journals in political science identifies the journals' field(s) of specialization, requirements for submitting manuscripts, procedures for reviewing manuscripts, and rates of manuscript submission and acceptance. Includes details on journal web sites and electronic submission information.
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The Discipline

APSA Guide to AssessmentAssessment in Political Science (2009) Edited by Michelle D. Deardorff (Jackson State University), Kerstin Hamann (University of Central Florida), and John Ishiyama (Truman State University), Assessment in Political Science provides in-depth discussion and resources for classroom, departmental and program assessment that can be used by all departments and institutions. In addition to general assessment tools, the authors and editors provide guidance on assessing learning in special situations such as in online environments and experiential programs. This is a great reference tool for all faculty and departments. More on this book »

Political Science: The State of the Discipline III (2002) Edited by Ira Katznelson and Helen Milner of Columbia University, this Centennial Edition of The State of the Discipline features a collection of essays by major political science scholars on all major fields in the discipline. Topics covered include: the state of the discipline in an era of globalization; democracy, justice and their institutions; citizenship, identity, and political participation; and studying politics, including essays on comparative politics, rational choice, game theory, data and formal theory, and reclaiming the experimental tradition.
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A Guide to Professional Ethics in Political Science (2nd. ed. revised, 1998). A handbook of principles guiding the professional conduct of political scientists.
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The Wit & Humor of Political Science (2010). From the editors: This volume collects what in our opinions are the wittiest and funniest pieces about political science and political scientists. Like all good humor, much of the work we have chosen for inclusion has a serious point. It helps scholars keep an open and skeptical mind, it picks out our weak points in theory and methods, points out how research may be going wrong, and it pricks the balloon of bombast, pretentiousness, and jargon. And, not only that, it’s fun... Its contents make essential reading for all political scientists, even the most senior, but it may be enjoyed by younger scholars, especially those without tenure (or worse yet, without a job), by other social scientists, and even—gasp—by readers unaffiliated with any academic discipline.  More »

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APSA Annual Meeting Proceedings. Microfilm reels of all papers presented at Annual Meetings and collected by APSA, grouped by year. Contact UMI for price information for reels for 1904-13 and 1956-76; $179.20, 1977-82; $158.50, 1983; $166.20, 1984; $174.60, 1985. ORDER DIRECTLY FROM : Customer Services Department, University Microfilms, 300 North Zeeb Road, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48106; Phone: (800) 521-0600.

PROceedings: Political Research Online. Papers presented at APSA Annual Meeting from 2002 to the present can be found online here »




APSA Survey of Political Science Departments (2001-2002). Annual report of the results of a survey conducted on all four-year institutions offering degrees in political science. Data presented include faculty salaries, enrollment trends, and persistence rates. $20.00


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