Career Publications

The APSA office of Education, Professional, and Minority Initiatives oversees the development and publication of the following career guides. 

Careers and the Study of Political Science: A Guide for Undergraduates
A helpful resource for today's undergraduate, this updated career guide explores the many career options available to political science students and emphasizes the value of poltiical science training. In addition to providing specific information aobut various career sectors, this guide willhelp students examine their own career preferences in the context of new technologies and global networks.  MORE INFO 
$6 each; Discounts available on large orders.  

Video/CD: Career Encounters: Political Science This 28 1/2 minute video explores careers in political science through interviews of 10 people with meaningful and rewarding careers who studied political science in college. Designed to be shown in class, at meetings for prospective majors, and at recruiting and career fairs, it is a great resource for political science departments and faculty who face questions from students and their families about the skills and opportunities associated with the study of political science. This video is accompanied by brief instructions that illustrate how to use the program in segments as well as in its entirety.
$4 for the CD 

Political Science: An Ideal Liberal Arts Major
This guide provides a description of the benefits students of majoring in political science. A useful reference for current and prospective students, this brochure also contains current information on career opportunities for political science majors, including a list of online career resources.
Single copy free; $15, 25 copies; $25, 50 copies; $50, 100 copies; $225, 500 copies; $350, 1000 copies. 

 Earning a Ph.D. in Political Science
A critical resource for any student considering graduate study.  This brochure will guide students in their exploration of graduate study and career paths available to professional political scientists.
Single copy $5; Discounts available on large orders.

Studying in Washington: A Guide to Academic Internships in the Nation's Capital 
A handy students' guide for finding, planning, and enjoying internships in Washington, D.C.  This booklet is designed to help undergraduates learn how to secure a D.C. internship and how to make the best of the experience while in the nation's capital.  It provides detailed guidance for specific concerns about the different kinds of internships available,  the living experience in Washington (including housing arrangements, costs, etc.), resources available to interns and those seeking internships, various approaches for leveraging the experience academically, and what to do when exiting the internship.
Single copy $8; discounts available for large orders. 

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