Election 2008 Articles from APSA Journals

Iowa: The Most Representative State? 
Michael S. Lewis-Beck and Peverill Squire (PS: Political Science and Politics, January 2009)

Symposium: Forecasting the 2008 National Elections
PS: Political Science and Politics, October 2008

Editor's Introduction: Forecasting the 2008 National Elections 
James E. Campbell

On the Razor's Edge: The Forecast of the Primary Model 
Helmut Norpoth

The Job of President and the Jobs Model Forecast: Obama for '08? 
Michael S. Lewis-Beck and Charles Tien

Forecasting the 2008 Presidential Election with the Time-for-Change Model 
Alan I. Abramowitz

The Trial-Heat Forecast of the 2008 Presidential Vote: Performance and Value Considerations in an Open-Seat Election 
James E. Campbell

Leading Economic Indicators, the Polls, and the Presidential Vote 
Robert S. Erikson and Christopher Wlezien

Incumbency, National Conditions, and the 2008 Presidential Election 
Thomas M. Holbrook

Election Forecasting: The Future of the Presidency and the House 
Brad Lockerbie

Forecasting the 2008 Presidential Election: A Challenge for the Fiscal Model 
Alfred G. Cuzán and Charles M. Bundrick

Forecasting the 2008 U.S. House, Senate and Presidential Elections at the District and State Level 
Carl Klarner

The Playing Field Shifts: Predicting the Seats-Votes Curve in the 2008 U.S. House Elections 
Jonathan P. Kastellec, Andrew Gelman and Jamie P. Chandler

Symposium: Gender, Race, and the 2008 Presidential Election
PS: Political Science and Politics, October 2008

“Seeing What Has Always Been”: Opening Study of the Presidency 
Georgia Duerst-Lahti 

Black Politics, the 2008 Election, and the (Im)Possibility of Race Transcendence 
Valeria Sinclair-Chapman and Melanye Price 

Likeable? Effective Commander in Chief? Polling on Candidate Traits in the “Year of the Presidential Woman” 
Barbara Burrell 

“Should They Dance with the One Who Brung 'Em?” Latinos and the 2008 Presidential Election 
Matt A. Barreto, Luis R. Fraga, Sylvia Manzano, Valerie Martinez-Ebers and Gary M. Segura 

Gender in the 2008 Presidential Election: Two Types of Time Collide 
Patricia Lee Sykes

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Moderated by James A. Thurber (American University)

Panelists were three authors of the October PS symposium on forecasting the national elections:

  • James E. Campbell (State University of New York at Buffalo),
  • Alan Abramowitz (Emory University), and
  • Michael Lewis-Beck (University of Iowa).

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