3: Normative Political Theory

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We seek carefully crafted paper and panel proposals from all parts of the political theory discipline. No particular methodologies or topics will be favored in advance, and papers and panels that intelligently bridge approaches are welcome.  Topics need not be related to this year’s theme.  For those who do wish to address this year’s theme  “Politics after the Digital Revolution,” however,  we offer these questions as stimulus for further thought:  What is, or was, the revolutionary? Does the digital have a politics?  What does it mean to speak of the digital as revolutionary?  Has there, in fact, been a digital revolution, or merely a migration to the digital? Under what conditions does the digital become politicized? How does the digital inflect the mediation of those relationships, political or otherwise, that constitute our experiences, including those of violence, oppression, emancipation or spectatorship?  In what ways does the digital complicate relations between global north and south? Can the digital be resisted, should it be, and if so in the name of what? What would it mean to consider the digital on structural terms as it bears on states, collectivities, individuals and markets?  What is the best way to understanding the digital in contexts of emergency politics?   How might historical comparisons between the present, “digital” age and the past meaningfully gauge this so-called driving historical force? Such questions might inform historically comparative approaches to democratic practice, emancipation, oppression, surveillance, capitalism, revolution, solidarity, anomie, alienation, and identity.

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