Track Summaries Track Summaries 2008 Teaching and Learning Conference

The 2008 Teaching and Learning Conference was held on February 22–24, 2008, in San Jose, California. The conference used a working group model, which permits discussion and debate amongst colleagues on research dealing with the scholarship of teaching and learning. In addition to the 12 working groups, or "tracks," there were several workshops on various topics.

The following link to summaries of the presentations for each of the 12 conference tracks:

Track 1: Program Assessment 

Track 2: Graduate Education and Professional Development

Track 3: Diversity, Inclusiveness, and Inequality

Track 4: Teaching Research Methods

Track 5: Simulations and Role Play I

Track 6: Simulations and Role Play II

Track 7: Core Curriculum/General Education

Track 8: Civic Engagement I

Track 9: Civic Engagement II

Track 10: Teaching Across the Discipline

Track 11: Internationalizing the Curriculum I 

Track 12: Internationalizing the Curriculum II