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SSRN Search Instructions

Conference papers for APSA 2013 are hosted by the Social Science Research Network (SSRN). While the APSA pages are being enhanced please note these methods to find a paper:

There are two ways for you to find papers:

Go to the main web site and click on their search tab. Your search here will be across all SSRN papers but if you search by author or title you will have an easy time of it. Our papers are identified with a line that reads APSA Chicago 2013 Meeting.

If you click on the browse link (in the gray bar) you can then click on + sign next to political science network. Then click on the + sign next to conferences and meetings, then the + sign next to American Political Science Association meetings and then the + sign next to APSA 2013 Chicago Meeting. The resulting list is all the Annual meeting Divisions. If you click on the + sign next to any of them you will see a list of panels. If you then click on the + sign next to the panel of interest (or on the panel title itself) you'll find what papers are available there. Papers that have been uploaded to SSRN are also available directly from the online program.

APSA Annual Meeting Papers

APSA strongly encourages APSA Annual Meeting participants to upload their papers to the Annual Meeting paper repository.  Find papers that have been uploaded to the repositories from 2002 to the present using the following links:

If you have questions or problems with the information at the repository, contact [email protected].

APSA Teaching and Learning Conference Papers

APSA also provides a repository for papers and other materials presented at the annual  APSA Teaching and Learning Conference.  You can find items that have been uploaded from 2004 to the present at the following links:



Papers from Other Conferences/Other Paper Repositories


Much of the research in political science has been or will be presented, at professional conferences like the APSA Annual Meeting, the APSA Teaching and Learning Conference, and meetings of other international, national, and regional political science organizations. More on conferences in the profession.



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