Minority Student Recruitment Program (MSRP)

APSA established the Minority Student Recruitment Program (MSRP, formerly MID) as part of its efforts to advance the benefits of diversity within the political science profession.  In collaboration with undergraduate and graduate political science departments, the program seeks to identify undergraduate students from under-represented backgrounds who are interested in being recruited to doctoral programs or who show potential for graduate study. Through graduate program recruitment efforts, the goal is to provide these students with information about political science graduate programs.

APSA wishes to extend its appreciation to the following Graduate Departments, which are current members of APSA's Minority Student Recruitment Program. Please follow the link below to learn more about each MSRP Department. 

2013-2014 APSA MSRP Recruiting Graduate Departments

How Does MSRP Work?
APSA maintains a database of African-American, Latino/Latina, Native-American, and Asian-American undergraduates who have been identified as possible candidates for graduate study in political science.  Recruiters from the nation's top graduate political science programs receive this database every spring to actively recruit listed students.  Undergraduate departments can identify students, undergraduate students can request that their advisor submit their names to the database or undergraduates can enter themselves into the database. The database is updated periodically and is made available to the recruiting departments.    

For Departments:
To enroll your graduate department in the APSA MSRP as an APSA Recruiting Department please log in to your department's DSPOnline account and fill out the form to enroll.  You may also fill out a PDF version of the MSRP Departmental form at  PDF version: (MSRP) Core Schools form PDF. Contact APSA at [email protected] if you have any questions.

For Faculty:
Department faculty can identify minority undergraduate students, who are interested in either learning more about graduate school or being contacted by a graduate school, and submit their names and contact information to the Minority Student Recruitment database. To learn more, go to How to Submit Names to the Minority Student Recruitment Program Database.

For Interested Students:
Interested sophomore, junior, or senior minority students have two options for participation in the MSRP: meet with your undergraduate advisor and ask that your name be submitted to the Minority Student Recruitment database, or you submit your own information by filling out Minority Student Recruitment Project form.   

For any questions, or more detailed information about the program, please contact [email protected] or Kimberly Mealy at [email protected].


Mentoring For Minority Student Recruitment Students
Students seeking a mentor, or Faculty Members who wish to become an APSA Mentor can find out more about APSA's mentoring program at Find or Become an APSA Mentor


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