Symposium: The Politics of Canada Symposium: The Politics of Canada Articles from APSA Journals

This symposium, featured as part of the October 2006 issue of PS: Political Science and Politics, contains articles that explore the politics of Canada, from Canadian-American relations to electoral reform.

"Canada: The Unknown Country"
David L. Leal (PS, Oct. 2006)

"Flawless Campaign, Fragile Victory: Voting in Canada's 2006 Federal Election"
Harold D. Clarke, Allan Kornberg, Thomas Scotto and Joe Twyman (PS, Oct. 2006)

"Canadian-American Relations in a Turbulent Era"
Munroe Eagles (PS, Oct. 2006)

"Political Turbulence in a Dominant Party System"
R. Kenneth Carty (PS, Oct. 2006)

"Value Diversity and Support for Electoral Reform in Canada"
Mebs Kanji and Antoine Bilodeau (PS, Oct. 2006)

"Is Canada a Westminster or Consensus Democracy? A Brief Analysis"
Donley T. Studlar and Kyle Christensen (PS, Oct. 2006)

"Northern Exposure? The Politics of Canadian Provincial Admission into the United States"
David L. Leal and Dan Lipinski (PS, Oct. 2006)

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