The Evolution of Political Science The Evolution of Political Science APSR Centennial Volume - Special Issue - November 2006

The November 2006 issue of the American Political Science Review completes the one-hundredth volume of the Review, which began publication in November 1906. To mark this occasion, the contents of the issue center on the theme of "The Evolution of Political Science."

The issue begins with an introduction and essay by Lee Sigelman, editor of the Review, titled "The Coevolution of American Political Science and the American Political Science Review," (258 K, PDF) based in large part on a content-analytic survey of every research article that has appeared in the Review from its founding to the present.

A special feature of the theme issue is a set of brief commentaries on the 20 most frequently-cited articles in the history of the Review, prepared by the authors of these articles or by appropriate stand-ins.

The main body of the theme issue consists of 24 essays on various aspects of the evolution of political science: