Area Studies Liaison Group Area Studies Liaison Group The Area Studies Liaison Group's (ASLG)goal is to improve communication among political scientists specializing in international relations and comparative politics whose scholarship centers on one or more world regions.


The ASLG seeks to increase recognition of the contributions to theory by comparativists and international relations scholars working primarily in one or more world regions.  The group performs several functions within the Association to this end:

  • Serving as a bridge between APSA and the various area studies associations to support greater participation by political scientists belonging to those associations in the work of the APSA.
  • Helping to identify comparativists and international relations specialists working who could be candidates to serve on APSA governance bodies.
  • Identifying candidates for special Annual Meeting lectures such as the Ithiel de Sola Pool lecture.


African Studies Association
American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies
American Consortium on European Union Studies
American Studies Association

Association for Asian Studies
Association for Canadian Studies
Brazilian Studies Association
Council of American Overseas Research Centers
Council for European Studies
European Union Studies Association
Latin American Studies Association
Middle East Studies Association
Southeast European Studies Association

The U.S. Department of Education supports area studies programs through funding enabled by Title VI of the Higher Education Act.  These include National Resource Centers and Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) fellowship programs.

Click here for a comprehensive list of these programs funded through 2006.  Note: This document is 27 pages in length.

Current ASLG members:

Jeff Anderson, Georgetown University (European Studies)
John Harbeson, City University of New York (African Studies)
Carol Nechemias, Pennsylvania State University (Slavic Studies)
Peter Mandaville, George Mason University (Middle East Studies)
William LeoGrande, American University (Latin American Studies)
Itty Abraham, Social Science Research Council (South Asian Studies)

For more information about the ASLG and its work, email [email protected].

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