Annual Meeting Program

Annual Member Program Committee members organize all panels, plenary sessions, and other aspects of the official program for the annual meeting. Annual Meeting Program Committee members are appointed by the Council after it hears the recommendations of the Program Chair-Designate.

Program Chairs 

Andrea Campbell, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Lisa Martin, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Division Chairs

1. Political Thought and Philosophy: Historical Approaches
Barbara Arneil, University of British Columbia

2. Foundations of Political Theory
Elizabeth Wingrove, University of Michigan
Stephen Engelmann, University of Illinois, Chicago

3. Normative Political Theory
Clarissa Hayward, Washington University

4. Formal Political Theory
Ken Shotts, Stanford University

5. Political Psychology
Jeff Karp, University of Exeter

6. Political Economy
Jonas Pontusson, Princeton University

7. Politics and History
Sheri Berman, Barnard College
Desmond King, Oxford University, Nuffield College

8. Political Methodology
Jonathan Wand, Stanford University

9. Teaching and Learning in Political Science
Russell Mayer, Merrimack College

10. Political Science Education 
Fletcher McClellan, Elizabethtown College

11. Comparative Politics
Gretchen Helmke, University of Rochester
John Gerring, Boston University

12. Comparative Politics of Developing Countries
Macartan Humphreys, Columbia University

13. The Politics of Communist and Former Communist Countries
Hilary Appel, Claremont McKenna College
Peter Rutland, Wesleyan University

14. Comparative Politics of Advanced Industrial Societies
David Rueda, Oxford University

15. *European Politics and Society
Wade Jacoby, Brigham Young University

16. International Political Economy
Lawrence Broz, University of California, San Diego
Bill Bernhard, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

17. International Collaboration
Liliana Andonova, Colby College
Thomas Biersteker, Graduate Institute

18. International Security
Anne Sartori, Northwestern University

19. International Security and Arms Control
Gale Mattox, U.S. Naval Academy

20. Foreign Policy
Michael Desch, Notre Dame University

21. Conflict Processes
Navin Bapat, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Patricia Sullivan, University of Georgia

22. Legislative Studies
Thad Kousser, University of California, San Diego

23. Presidency Research
Richard S. Conley, University of Florida

24. Public Administration
Sharon Mastracci, University of Illinois, Chicago

25. Public Policy
Mark Peterson, University of California, Los Angeles

26. Law and Courts
Jeff Yates, Binghamton University, SUNY

27. Constitutional Law and Jurisprudence
David Yalof, University of Connecticut

28. Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations
Scott Allard, University of Chicago

29. State Politics and Policy
Richard Fording, University of Kentucky

30. Urban Politics
Mara Sidney, Rutgers University, Newark
Michael L. Owens, Emory University

31. Women and Politics
Kim Fridkin, Arizona State University

32. Race, Ethnicity, and Politics
Dara Strolovitch, University of Minnesota
Arturo Vega, St. Mary's University 

33. Religion and Politics
Andrew Murphy, Rutgers University

34. Representation and Electoral Systems
Orit Kedar, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

35. Political Organizations and Parties
Miki Kittilson, Arizona State University
Richard Herrera, Arizona State University

36. Elections and Voting Behavior
Scott McClurg, Southern Illinois University

37. Public Opinion
David A.M. Peterson, Texas A&M University

38. Political Communication
Jonathan Ladd, Georgetown University

39. Science, Technology, and Environmental Politics
David Konisky, University of Missouri

40. Information Technology and Politics
Nanette Levinson, American University

41. Politics, Literature and Film
Natalie Taylor, Skidmore College

42. New Political Science
Margaret Groarke, Manhattan College

43. International History and Politics
Risa Brooks, Northwestern University

44. Comparative Democratization
Bo Rothstein, Goteburg University

45. Human Rights
Jack Donnelly, University of Denver 

46. Qualitative Methods
Giovanni Capoccia, Oxford University

47. Sexuality and Politics
Paisley Currah, Brooklyn College, CUNY

48. Health Politics and Health Policy
Tom Oliver, University of Wisconsin

49. Canadian Politics
Candace Johnson, University of Guelph

50. Political Networks
Betsy Sinclair, University of Chicago

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