APSA Division Calls and Chair Contact Information

CALL FOR PAPERS DEADLINE: DECEMBER 15Sumbit Proposal by Dec. 15, 2011

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1. Political Thought and Philosophy: Historical Approaches
Daniel Kapust, University of Wisconsin, Madison, [email protected]
John Zumbrunnen, University of Wisconsin, Madison, [email protected]  

2. *Foundations of Political Theory

Michaele Ferguson, University of Colorado, [email protected]
Steven Johnston, University of Utah, [email protected]

3. Normative Political Theory
Nancy Luxon, University of Minnesota, [email protected]
Ted Miller, University of Alabama, [email protected]

4. Formal Political Theory
Sean Gailmard, UC Berkeley, [email protected]

5. *Political Psychology
Jennifer Merolla, Claremont Graduate University, [email protected]

6. *Political Economy
Kenneth Scheve, Stanford University, [email protected]

7. *Politics and History
Robert Fishman, University of Notre Dame, [email protected]
Victoria Tin-bor Hui, University of Notre Dame, [email protected]

8. *Political Methodology
Cherie Maestas, Florida State University, [email protected]

9. Teaching and Learning in Political Science
Mitchell Brown, Auburn University, [email protected]

10. *Political Science Education 
Mitchell Brown, Auburn University, [email protected]

11. *Comparative Politics
Tulia Falleti, University of Pennsylvania, fallet[email protected]
Jason Brownlee, University of Texas Austin, [email protected]

12. Comparative Politics of Developing Countries
Melani Cammett, Brown University, [email protected]

13. The Politics of Communist and Former Communist Countries
Andrew Roberts, Northwestern University, [email protected]

14. Comparative Politics of Advanced Industrial Societies
Ben Ansell, University of Minnesota, [email protected]

15. *European Politics and Society
Nancy Bermeo, Oxford, Nuffield College, [email protected]

16. International Political Economy
Mark Copelovitch, University of Wisconsin, Madison, [email protected]
Stephanie Rickard, London School of Economics, [email protected]

17. International Collaboration
Leslie Johns, UCLA, [email protected]

18. International Security
Risa Brooks, Marquette University, [email protected]
Tanisha (Nisha) Fazal, University of Notre Dame, [email protected]

19. *International Security and Arms Control
Thomas Mahnken, United States Naval War College, [email protected]

20. *Foreign Policy
John Schuessler, Air War College, [email protected]

21. *Conflict Processes

Zaryab Iqbal, Pennsylvania State University, [email protected]
Idean Salehyan, University of North Texas, [email protected]

22. *Legislative Studies
Kathryn Pearson, University of Minnesota, [email protected]
Scott Morgenstern, University of Pittsburgh, [email protected]

23. *Presidents and Executive Politics
Irwin Morris, University of Maryland, [email protected]

24. *Public Administration
Jocelyn Johnston, American University, [email protected]

25. *Public Policy
Suzanne Mettler, Cornell University, [email protected]

26. *Law and Courts
Virginia A. Hettinger, University of Connecticut, [email protected]

27. Constitutional Law and Jurisprudence
Anna O. Law, CUNY Brooklyn College, [email protected]

28. *Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations
Eric Zeemering, University of Maryland, [email protected]

29. *State Politics and Policy
Jennifer Wolak, University of Colorado at Boulder, [email protected]

30. *Urban Politics
Adrienne Smith, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, [email protected]
Todd Shaw, University of South Carolina, [email protected]

31. *Women and Politics
Laura Sjoberg, University of Florida, [email protected] 
Melissa Haussman, Carleton University, [email protected]

32. *Race, Ethnicity, and Politics
Alvin Tillery, Rutgers University, [email protected]
Marisa Abrajano, UC San Diego, [email protected] 

33. *Religion and Politics
Andrew Gould, University of Notre Dame, [email protected]

34. *Representation and Electoral Systems
Sven-Oliver Proksch, University of Mannheim, [email protected]

35. *Political Organizations and Parties
Bruce Larson, Gettysburg College, [email protected]
Eric Heberlig, University of North Carolina-Charlotte, [email protected]

36. *Elections and Voting Behavior
Patrick Fournier, Université de Montréal, [email protected]

37. *Public Opinion
Elizabeth Zechmeister, Vanderbilt University, [email protected]

38. *Political Communication
Israel Waismel-Manor, University of Haifa, [email protected]

39. *Science, Technology, and Environmental Politics
Edella Schlager, University of Arizona, [email protected]

40. *Information Technology and Politics
Karen Mossberger, University of Illinois at Chicago, [email protected]

41. *Politics, Literature and Film
Flagg Taylor, Skidmore College, [email protected]

42. *New Political Science
Katherine Young, University of Hawaii-Hilo, [email protected]

43. *International History and Politics
Peter Trubowitz, London School of Economics, [email protected] 

44. *Comparative Democratization
Christopher Reenock, Florida State University, [email protected]

45. *Human Rights
Alison Brysk, University of California, Santa Barbara, [email protected]


46. *Qualitative Methods
Derek Beach, University of Aarhus, Denmark, [email protected]
Ingo Rohlfing, University of Cologne, Germany, [email protected]

47. *Sexuality and Politics
Joseph Fischel, Yale University, [email protected]

48. *Health Politics and Health Policy
Harold Pollack, University of Chicago, [email protected]

49. *Canadian Politics
James Farney, University of Regina, [email protected]

50. *Political Networks
Amanda Murdie, University of Missouri, [email protected]

51. *Experimental Research

Adam Berinsky, MIT, [email protected]
Betsy Sinclair, University of Chicago, [email protected]

52. *Migration and Citizenship
Willem Maas, York University, [email protected]
Jane Junn, University of Southern California, [email protected]

53. *African Politics
Leonardo Arriola, University of California, Berkeley, [email protected]

*denotes an APSA organized section

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