APSA Related Group Calls and Chair Contact Information

Professional groups engaged in the study of political science, and unaffiliateSubmit Proposal by Dec. 15d with APSA, are invited and encouraged to participate in Annual Meetings as "related groups." The purpose for including these groups in the meeting is to promote teaching and research in political science or the professional development of political scientists. Related groups are most valuable to APSA as they add diversity and offer a broad spectrum of civic and political issues. 

Related groups also sponsor panels and roundtables at the Annual Meeting. Submissions to the related groups follow the same deadlines as the divisions and use the same online submission system. The APSA Related Groups Call for Papers closing date is December 15.

Related Group Calls for Papers

Click on the group name below to review a group's call for papers. 

If the name does not link to a call for papers, correspond directly with the group's chair listed directly below the group name. Not all related groups have open calls.   

Aging Policy and Politics Group
Cynthia Massie Mara, [email protected]

American Enterprise Institute
Dennis Coyle, [email protected]

American Political Thought
James Stoner, [email protected]
Jeremy Bailey, [email protected]

American Public Philosophy Institute
Christopher Wolfe, [email protected]

American Society for Political and Legal Philosophy

Asian Pacific American Caucus
Sahar Shafqat, [email protected]

Association for Israel Studies
Assaf Meydani, [email protected]

Association for Politics and the Life Sciences
Albert Somit, [email protected]
Steven A. Peterson, [email protected]

Association for the Study of Nationalities
Lowell W. Barrington, [email protected]

Association Française de Science Politique
Amy Mazur, [email protected]
Sylvain Brouard, [email protected]

Association of Chinese Political Studies
John Kennedy, [email protected]
Steven Balla, [email protected]

Association of Korean Political Studies

Dongryul (Ray) Kim, [email protected]

Brazilian Political Science Association
Leonardo Avritzer, [email protected]
Carlos Milani, [email protected]

British Politics Group
Jerold Waltman, [email protected]

Campaign Finance Research Group
Michael Malbin, [email protected]
Diana Dwyre, [email protected]

Cato Institute
John Samples, [email protected]
Christopher Preble, [email protected]

Center for the Study of the Constitution
Warner Winborne, [email protected]

Center for the Study of Federalism
Troy E. Smith, [email protected]

Christians in Political Science
Kimberly Conger, [email protected]

The Churchill Centre
James W. Muller, [email protected]

Ciceronian Society
Peter Haworth, [email protected]

Claremont Institute for the Study of Statesmanship and Political Philosophy
Ronald J. Pestritto, [email protected]

Committee for Analysis of Military Operations and Strategy
Scott Buchanan, [email protected]

Committee for Political Sociology
Emilie van Haute, [email protected]

Committee on the Political Economy of the Good Society
Stephen Elkin, [email protected]
Jeremy A. Janow, [email protected]

Committee on Viable Constitutionalism
R. Kent Weaver, [email protected]

Communitarian Network
Kyle Burgess, [email protected]

Comparative Urban Politics
Ronald K. Vogel, [email protected]

Complexity and Public Policy Group
Michael Givel, University of Oklahoma, [email protected]

Conference Group on Italian Politics and Society
Laura Polverari, [email protected]

Conference Group on Jurisprudence and Public Law
David Fagelson, [email protected]

Conference Group on Taiwan Studies
Hans Stockton, [email protected]

Conference Group on the Middle East
A. Richard Norton, [email protected]

Critical Policy Studies
Frank Fischer, [email protected]
Jennifer Dodge, [email protected]

Disasters and Crises
Daniel P. Aldrich, [email protected]

Eric Voegelin Society
David Walsh, [email protected]

European Consortium for Political Research
Simona Piattoni, [email protected]

French Politics Group
Amy Mazur, [email protected]
Sylvain Brouard, [email protected]

Global Forum of Chinese Political Scientists
Quansheng Zhao, [email protected]
Zhiqun Zhu, [email protected]

Green Politics and Theory
Joel Kassiola, [email protected] 
David Whiteman, [email protected]

Iberian Politics
Kerstin Hamann, [email protected]

Indigenous Studies Network
Laura Evans, [email protected]
Sheryl Lightfoot, [email protected]

Institute for Constitutional Studies
Mark Graber, [email protected]

Intelligence Studies Group
Loch K. Johnson, [email protected]

International Association for the Study of German Politics
Louise Davidson-Schmich, [email protected]

Interpretive Methodologies and Methods
Rich Holtzman, [email protected]

IPSA Research Committee 1 (Concepts and Methods)
Amy Mazur, [email protected]

IPSA Research Committee #12 (Biology and Politics)
Albert Somit, [email protected]
Steven A. Peterson, [email protected]

IPSA Research Committee #36 (Power)
Mark Haugaard, [email protected]
Kevin Ryan, [email protected]

Japan Political Studies Group
Gill Steel, [email protected]
Katherine Tegtmeyer Pak, [email protected]

Labor Project
Amy Bromsen, [email protected]
Susan Kang, [email protected]

Latin American Studies Association
Cynthia McClintock, [email protected]

Latino Caucus in Political Science
Jessica Lavariega Monforti, [email protected]

Law and Political Process Study Group
Bruce Cain, [email protected]
Rick Hasen, [email protected]

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Caucus
Christine Keating, [email protected]

McConnell Center for Political Leadership
Kelly Hanlon, [email protected]

National Humanities Institute
Gregory S. Butler, [email protected]

Policy Studies Organization
Max J. Skidmore, [email protected]  

Politica: Study of Medieval Political Thought
Gerson Moreno-Riano, [email protected]

Political Forecasting Group
Helmut Norpoth, [email protected]

Political Studies Association
Terrell Carver, t.car[email protected]

Poverty, Inequality, and Public Policy Caucus
Max J. Skidmore, [email protected]
Daniel Gutierrez-Sandoval, [email protected]

Practicing Politics
Irene Wu, [email protected]

Project on the American Constitution
Kenneth Ward, [email protected]

Publius: The Journal of Federalism
Carol Weissert, [email protected]

Russian Politics Group
Fred Eidlin, [email protected]

Slovenian Political Science Association
Miro Hacek, [email protected]

Society for Greek Political Thought
Leslie G. Rubin, [email protected]

Society for Romanian Studies
Claudiu Tufis, [email protected]

Society of Catholic Social Scientists
Kenneth L. Grasso, [email protected]

Walter Bagehot Research Council on National Sovereignty
Joseph Prud'homme, [email protected]

Women's Caucus for Political Science
Kristen Monroe, [email protected]

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