Find an APSA Mentor How the APSA Mentor Inititative Works for Mentees

The APSA Mentor Initiative will help connect you to scholars and professionals who have volunteered to provide advice, support, and guidance on a wide range of topics within the political science discipline.
To request an APSA Mentor: 


The Matching Process

You can specify particular issues for which you are seeking a mentor, and/or you can request someone for generalized guidance. Based upon your request, APSA staff will match you with the mentor who best reflects your mentoring needs.

  • APSA will provide you with a mentor who matches your criteria (from the pool of):

    • Generalized mentors who will be prepared to address a wide variety of concerns and questions from mentees on a continuing basis.  The nature of the mentoring will vary from case to case, or
    • Specialized mentors who have experience dealing with specific areas or concerns in the profession and discipline and who have indicated a willingness to mentor in these areas.
  • You contact the APSA Mentor by email:
    • When you receive your mentor's name and contact information, it is up to you to take the initiative to contact the mentor with your question(s).
    •   Mentors are volunteers and have agreed to respond to your contact. 

Other Mentoring Resources
APSA has compiled a list of mentoring resources for those seeking a mentor.

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