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"When Osama Became Saddam: Origins and Consequences of the Change in America's Public Enemy #1"
Scott L. Althaus, Devon M. Largio (PS, Oct. 2004)

"How Americans Responded: A Study of Public Reactions to 9/11/01"
Michael Traugott, Ted Brader, Deborah Coral, Richard Curtin, David Featherman, Robert Groves, Martha Hill, James Jackson, Thomas Juster, Robert Kahn, Courtney Kennedy, Donald Kinder, Beth-Ellen Pennell, Matthew Shapiro, Mark Tessler, David Weir, Robert Wi (PS, Sep. 2002)

"American News Consumption during Times of National Crisis"
Scott L. Althaus (PS, Sep. 2002)

"Political Knowledge after September 11"
Markus Prior (PS, Sep. 2002)

"Where's the Rally? Approval and Trust of the President, Cabinet, Congress, and Government Since September 11"
Brian J. Gaines (PS, Sep. 2002)

"Will 9/11 and the War on Terror Revitalize American Civic Democracy?"
Theda Skocpol (PS, Sep. 2002)

"Xenophobia and In-Group Solidarity in Iraq: A Natural Experiment on the Impact of Insecurity"
Ronald Inglehart, Mansoor Moaddel, and Mark Tessler (Perspectives, Sep. 2006)

The following articles did not appear in the print version of PS, but rather appeared in a special PS Online forum.

"What Political Science Owes the World"
Larry Diamond (PS Online)