Assessment in Political Science

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Assessment Resources
Best practices, models, surveys, matrices and other tools for departments

Source: from the authors of Assessment in Political Science (2009)
Edited by Michelle Deardorff, Kerstin Hamann, and John Ishiyama.
Part of the APSA State of the Profession Series

The editors and authors of Assessment in Political Science offer the following additional supplemental material and resources on classroom, departmental and program assessment, and which reflect the scope of the discipline in our work to teach and educate from the undergraduate level to the doctoral level:

Additional Resources from APSA on Assessment:

Supplemental Material and Additional Resources on Assessment:

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Assessment in Political Science
This guide provides in-depth discussion and resources for classroom, departmental and program assessment.

In addition to general assessment tools, the authors and editors provide guidance on assessing learning in special situations such as in online environments and experiential program. This is an excellent reference tool for all departments and faculty in political science.

For more information, visit  2009 Assessment in Political Science.

Accolades for the Book

Assessment is about intelligent efforts to improve instructional quality. It provides tools and information that enable teachers to discern whether they are achieving their personal goals and the goals of their institutions. To foster a commitment to steady improvement in teaching and student learning, we don't need artificial external interventions or rules. We need mechanisms that work from within—that respect academic freedom and mesh with the individual, departmental, and institutional cultures where learning occurs. The approaches to assessment proposed in this collection point us in those directions, encouraging vigorous efforts to sharpen our purpose as teachers and gauge our achievements.

Dr. Theda Skocpol
Victor S. Thomas Professor of Government and Sociology and Former Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Harvard University

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