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"Introduction: Advisors and the Dissertation Proposal"
Stephen L. Wasby (PS, Dec. 2001)

 "Constructing the Prospectus"
Peter J. May (PS, Dec. 2001)

 "Developing the Dissertation Prospectus"
Richard L. Fox (PS, Dec. 2001)

 "Proposing a Dissertation with a Free Rein"
Kevin R. den Dulk (PS, Dec. 2001)

 "The Key to a Successful Prospectus: Consult an Advisor, Early and Often"
Sara C. Benesh (PS, Dec. 2001)

"Choosing a Dissertation Topic"
Bert Useem (PS, Jun 1997)

"Living a Dissertation"
Kim Lane Scheppele (PS, Winter 1986)

"Reflections on Writing A Dissertation"
David Pion-Berlin (PS, Winter 1986)

"Advice to Dissertation Writers"
Ruth Grant (PS, Winter 1986)

"On Writing a Dissertation"
Donald Chisolm (PS, Winter 1986)

"Strategic Choices and Dangerous Traps"
Bruce W. Jentleson (PS, Winter 1986)