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Centennial Center Visiting Scholar Program

The Centennial Center for Political Science and Public Affairs assists scholars from the United States and abroad whose research and teaching would benefit from a stay in Washington, D.C. and access to the resources available in the nation's capital. The Center can host scholars for short periods to extended periods of time, ranging from weeks to months. 

Applications to the Visiting Scholar Program are accepted on a rolling basis. The Centennial Center, its facilities, and research support programs continue to be made possible in part through the generous donations of APSA members.

Update on Visiting Scholar space through August 2017: Due to increased interest in the Centennial Center, availability for scholar desks is limited through October 2017. If you're interested in scholar space through this time, please contact our team at [email protected] before applying so that we can explore availability options with you.

Research-in-Progress Brown Bag Speaker Series: Each fall, APSA Centennial Center scholars give presentations, open to the public, on their current research. Learn more about the Fall 2017 speaker series and RSVP to attend!

Learn more about our current Visiting Scholars here.
Ready to apply for the Visiting Scholar Program? Click here.

What amenities does the Center provide for Visiting Scholars?

Located within the Association's headquarters near Dupont Circle, the Centennial Center offers visiting scholars furnished shared work space, telephone, personal computers, Internet connectivity, conference space, a small reference library, and free coffee and tea. 

Visiting scholars are encouraged to contribute to the intellectual life of the Association during their stay, including brown bag presentations to discuss their research. Visiting scholars are also offered the opportunity to contribute a summary of their research to the Center Page in PS: Political Science and Politics.

Who is eligible to become a Visiting Scholar?

Your membership with APSA must be active in order to apply for the Visiting Scholar Program. Senior or junior faculty members, post-doctoral fellows, and advanced graduate students are all strongly encouraged to apply. 


A grant from one of the Centennial Center research funds can be used in concert with a visiting scholar desk, but is not required.


Does it cost me anything to become a Visiting Scholar?

APSA does not impose any costs on Visiting Scholars for use of the desk space during their stay in the Centennial Center. There are no rental fees to use the space, as long as your membership with APSA is active.


Will the Visiting Scholar Program cover my expenses?

Although APSA is delighted to provide work space to scholars for the Visiting Scholar Program, a seat in the Center does not cover research or living expenses in Washington, DC during your stay. 


In lieu of a stipend, many Visiting Scholars apply for a Centennial Center fellowship or research grant, and use their grant funds to cover the travel costs and research expenses of their trip. For more information on the Center's research grant program, click here. Although applications to the Visiting Scholar Program are accepted on a rolling basis, grant applications to the Center are considered separately from applications to the Visiting Scholar Program on a fixed schedule with three deadlines per year.


How do I apply for the Visiting Scholar Program?

Applications for the Centennial Center visiting scholar program require:

  • A copy of the applicant's CV
  • An abstract (1 page in length)
  • Project statement (up to five pages in length) including a detailed description of the topic; the originality of the proposed study; a summary of the basic ideas and hypotheses; the methodology to be used; the present status of your research; the materials that will be used, and the importance of Washington-area resources to your research. 
  • Two recommendations are required for visiting scholar applications for a stay of one month or longer.

Applications for the Centennial Center Visiting Scholar Program are accepted on a rolling basis. The application can be found here.

If you are interested in a Centennial Center research grant to accompany your visit, applications for that program are considered separately from applications to the Visiting Scholar Program. Click here for more information. 

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