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APSA Career Materials

While students consider the classes and careers that await them, colleges and universities strive to prepare and equip their students for their futures. To help students and schools, APSA offers a variety of print and online career materials. APSA has updated some material, and we look forward to including more resources on this page.

APSA Career Resources Flyer

Attention Departments! APSA has made all of these career resources available online. Now, departments and mentors have a printable resource—the APSA Careers Flyer—to present to students interested in learning more about political science. This flyer lists information and links for materials and membership benefits, and departments are welcome to print this and provide it to students.

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Updated Political Science Brochures

APSA introduces updated brochures on studying political science! They explain both the benefits of choosing political science as a major and the career opportunities for students who graduate with a degree in political science. The brochures are available for purchase or as a free download for departments to produce their own at a lower cost.

Click here to learn more about printing the brochures.

These brochures were formerly published as “Political Science: An Ideal Liberal Arts Major.” We trust this new format will serve departments well as they promote their programs.

Click here to order the brochure set.

Why Study Political Science?

This updated brochure explains the benefits of studying political science for students trying to choose their degree. The brochure also provides tips for both high school and current undergraduate students. 

Readers will learn that degree in political science opens up compelling fields of inquiry and provides important critical thinking skills that are crucial for employment in today’s workforce. Students can look forward to studying some of the most pressing questions of the day while building their knowledge base.

Order “Why Study Political Science.”

Exploring a Career in Political Science

This updated brochure explores opportunities after graduating with a degree in political science. Readers will consider the benefits of their education and learn about the many fields open to students of political science.

The brochure discusses options such as teaching, additional education, public service, and private sector employment. Finally, readers will learn about the benefits of studying political science by considering the options that await them after graduation.

Order “Careers for Political Science Students.”

Careers and the Study of Political Science (2003)

A helpful resource for undergraduate students, this career guide explores the many career options available to political science students and emphasizes the value of political science training. The guide discusses careers ranging from work in nonprofits, to government public service, and to teaching and research positions in academia.

Read and download Careers and the Study of Political Science online.

Earning a PhD in Political Science

This brochure is an informative guide that considers many questions for those entering graduate school. The brochure covers the rewards of an academic career as well as the appeal of the wide variety of vocations outside of academe. Additionally included are practical discussions of the qualifications, fields, expectations, timelines, and finances involved in seeking a graduate institution. Download and read the brochure today for free!

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