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Publishing Political Science: APSA Guide to Writing and Publishing

Publishing Political Science opens with a discussion of the state of publishing and review of publishing opportunities for political science. The second part covers writing for particular venues and audiences such as literature reviews, textbooks, journals, blogs, and reference books. The third section provides practical advice from publishers on how to get your work published. It describes how to write successful book proposals, how to negotiate and establish a sound contract with a publisher. This is an essential reference for all political scientists.

Edited by Stephen Yoder (former Managing Editor of PS: Political Science & Politics), this first volume in APSA's "State of the Profession" book series, provides practical advice from leading political scientists and publishers.

Read the Introduction by Stephen Yoder

Accolades for the APSA Guide to Publishing

Wise, savvy, graceful, broad ranging, fascinating, and reader friendly—The APSA Guide to Writing and Publishing is the indispensable aid for writing lively political science. The book ranges across every part of the process: How to approach editors, publish a thesis, negotiate a contract, score a best-selling text book, get through peer review, edit a collection, blog to the masses, or just plain write effectively. The authors know what they’re talking about and they’ve got something to tell you—whether you’ve just gotten you PhD or have been working the field for years.

James A Morone, author of The Democratic Wish and Hellfire Nation

The APSA Guide to Writing and Publishing is a wonderful resource that should be read thoroughly and consulted frequently by scholars at all stages of their careers, ranging from college students writing an honors paper through graduate students confronting for the first time the manifold mysteries of their intended craft and junior faculty members trying to negotiate their way through the strange and sometimes forbidding world of academic publishing, and yes, extending even to senior faculty members who think they already have a good grasp of the way things work (but probably don't). The beauty of this volume is that it conveys so much useable information about the structure of the publishing industry or the nature of the review process, for example, along with how-to hints about writing not only article and book manuscripts, but also reference works, textbooks, and blog items, among others. If every aspiring or practicing political scientist would read this book and take its lessons seriously, our discipline would be enormously improved.

Lee Sigelman, Columbian Professor of Political Science, The George Washington University

Table of Contents

Introduction, Stephen Yoder

I. State of Publishing 

  1. Sharing What You Know, Beth Luey
  2. Institutional Publishing and Political Science, Christopher J. Kelaher
  3. Scholarly Book Publishing in Political Science: A Hazardous Business, Sanford G. Thatcher

II. How to Write: Specifics for Different Audiences

  1. The Write Stuff: Writing as a Performing and Political Art, Thomas E. Cronin
  2. Writing Introductions, Jennifer L. Hochschild
  3. How to Write a Literature Review, Jeffrey W. Knopf and Iain McMenamin
  4. Textbook Writing 101, Karen O’Connor
  5. There’s More to Book Publishing in Political Science than Monographs: The Joy of Writing Reference Books, Andrea Pedolsky, Doug Goldenberg-Hart, and Marc Segers
  6. Editing Multi-Authored Books in Political Science: Reflections on Twenty Years of Experience, Clive S. Thomas and Ronald J. Hrebenar
  7. Multidisciplinary Publishing: Reaching Those in Other Disciplines, Mark C. Miller
  8. So You Want To Blog . . ., Daniel W. Drezner

III. Topics in Publishing

  1. Seeing Your Name in Print: Unpacking the Mysteries of the Review Process at Political Science Scholarly Journals, Andrew J. Polsky
  2. The Query Letter and Proposal as Sales Tools, Alex Holzman
  3. Negotiating a Book Contract with Grace, Finesse, and Success, Jennifer Knerr
  4. The Etiquette of Publishing, Leanne Anderson
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