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Gabriel A. Almond Award Recipients

Year Author Dissertation Submitted by
2017 Jeremy Ferwerda The Politics of Proximity: Local Redistribution in Developed Democracies Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2016 Dawn Teele The Logic of Women's Enfranchisement: A Comparative Study of the United States, France and the United Kingdom Yale University
2015 Adam Auerbach Demanding Development: Democracy, Community Governance, and Public Goods Provision in India’s Urban Slums
University of Wisconsin-Madison
2014 Regina Bateson Order and Violence in Postwar Guatemala Princeton University
2013 Evgeny Finkel Victims’ Politics: Jewish Behavior during the Holocaust University of Wisconsin, Madison
2013 Gwyneth McClendon The Politics of Envy and Esteem in Two Democracies Princeton University
2012 Noam Lupu Party Brands in Crisis:  Partisanship, Brand Dilutions and the Breakdown of Political Parties in Latin America
Princeton University
2011 Brian Min Democracy and Light: Public Service Provision in the Developing World University of California, Los Angeles
2010 Tariq Thachil The Saffron Wave Meets the Silent Revolution: Why the Poor Vote for Hindu Nationalism in India
Cornell University
2010 Maya Tudor Twin Births, Divergent Democracies: the Social and Institutional Origins of Regime Outcomes in India and Pakistan, 1920-1958
Princeton University
2009 Lisa A. Blaydes Competition Without Democracy: Elections and
Distributive Politics in Mubarak’s Egypt
University of California, Los Angeles
2008 Rafaela Mirjam Dancygier
Immigration and Conflict Yale University
2007 Emmanuel J. Teitelbaum Mobilizing Restraint:  Unions and the Politics of Economic Development in South Asia
Cornell University
2006 Matthew Adam Kocher Human Ecology and Civil War University of Chicago
2005 Edmund James Malesky At Provincial Gates: The Impact of Locally Concentrated Foreign Direct Investment on Provincial Autonomy and Economic Reform
University of California, San Diego
2004 Daniel F. Ziblatt Constructing a Federal State: Political Development, Path Dependence, and the Origins of Federalism, 1815-1871 University of California, Berkeley

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