African American Political Scientist Oral History Project

APSA is pleased to announce that interviews from the African American Political Scientist Oral History Project will be released on the Nunn Center for Oral History at the University of Kentucky.  To highlight this work, APSA will publish information on the project, audio clips and links to the complete oral history collection housed at the Nunn Center.  APSA is also working to make the complete transcripts available in print form.

The African American Political Scientists Oral History Project contains interviews conducted between 1988-1994 of African American scholars and was part of the Pi Sigma Alpha-APSA Oral History Project directed by Malcolm E. Jewell and supported by Pi Sigma Alpha, APSA, the University of Kentucky, and the Ford Foundation. The advisory committee of the Black Oral History Program consisted of Twiley Barker, Jr., William Daniels, Jewel L. Prestage, Michael Preston, Mitchell Rice, and Maurice Woodard with contributions from Mae C. King.

Advisory Committee* (1988-1994)

Twiley Barker Jr., Howard University
William Daniels,
Rochester Institute of Technology
Jewel L. Prestage, Prairie View A&M University
Malcolm Jewell, University of Kentucky and Director, APSA Oral History Program
Michael Preston, University of Southern California
Mitchell Rice, Texas A&M University
Maurice Woodard, Howard University
Mae C. King, Howard University

(* Affiliations listed above reflect most recent or last institution)


Political Scientists Interviewed for the Project
Complete audio and transcript of interviews are available on the Nunn Center website:
(ordered by Ph.D. date)
T.R. Solomon
University of Michigan,
Jewel L. Prestage  December 18, 1989 solomon050_excerpt.mp3 1989OH132_APSA050_Solomon_Excerpt.docx  
March 31, 1989 solomon051_excerpt.mp3 1989OH132_APSA051_Solomon_Excerpt.docx  
April 15, 1989
solomon052_excerpt.mp3 19889OH134_APSA052_Solomon_Excerpt.docx  
Vincent J. Browne
Harvard University,
Russell Adams 1987 browne002_excerpt.mp3 1987OH259_APSA002_Browne_Excerpt.docx  
Adolph Reed
New York University (M.A.),
Twiley Barker and Jewel Prestage March 13, 1992 reed087_excerpt1.mp3 1992OH078_APSA87_Reed_Excerpt_1.docx
March 13, 1992 reed087_excerpt2.mp3 1992OH078_APSA87_Reed_Excerpt_2.docx
Earl M. Lewis
University of Chicago,
Jewel L. Prestage August 10, 1990 lewis068_excerpt.mp3 1990OH235_APSA068_Lewis_Excerpt.docx
Lucius J. Barker
University of Illinois,
William Daniels April 19, 1991 barker073_excerpt.mp3 1991OH107_APSA073_Barker_Excerpt.docx  
Samuel Du Bois Cook
Ohio State University,
Jewel L. Prestage and Twiley Barker June 8, 1990 cook065_excerpt.mp3 1990OH123_APSA065_Cook_Excerpt.docx  
Jewel Limar Prestage
University of Iowa,
Shelby Faye Lewis October 30, 1992 prestage112_excerpt.mp3 1992OH387_APSA112_Prestage_Excerpt.docx
Emmett W. Bashful
University of Illinois,
Jewel L. Prestage and Twiley Barker June 8, 1990 bashful064_excerpt.mp3 1990OH122_APSA064_Bashful_Excerpt.docx
Twiley W. Barker Jr.
University of Illinois,
William Daniels July 25, 1991 barker086_excerpt.mp3 1991OH107_APSA073_Barker_Excerpt.docx
David W. Hazel
University of Michigan,
Twiley W. Barker
August 2, 1990 hazel067_excerpt.mp3 1990OH189_APSA067_Hazel_Excerpt.docx
Charles Harris
University of Wisconsin,
Russell Adams June 3, 1992 harris108_excerpt.mp3 1992OH336_APSA108_Harris_Excerpt.docx  
Mathew Holden
Northwestern University,
Dianne Pinderhughes November 26, 1993 holden116_excerpt.mp3 1993OH444_APSA116_Holden_Excerpt.docx
Charles V. Hamilton
University of Chicago,
William Daniels July 31, 1991 hamilton085_excerpt.mp3 1991OH355_APSA085_Hamilton_Excerpt.docx
Lois Moreland
American University,
Jewel L. Prestage February 5, 1994 moreland118_excerpt.mp3 1995OH002_APSA118_Moreland_Excerpt.docx
Mack H. Jones
University of Illinois,
Jewel L. Prestage and Twiley Barker July 15, 1994 jones119_excerpt.mp3 1995OH073_APSA119_Jones_Excerpt.docx
Mae C. King
University of Idaho,
Jewel L. Prestage & Shelby Faye Lewis February 5, 1994 king117_excerpt1.mp3 1994OH029_APSA117_King_Excerpt_1.docx  
February 5, 1994 king117_excerpt2.mp3 1994OH029_APSA117_King_Excerpt_2.docx  
Shelby F. Lewis
Louisiana State University,
Jewel L. Prestage and Twiley Barker July 15, 1994 lewis120_excerpt1.mp3 2001OH001_APSA120_Lewis_Excerpt_1.docx
July 15, 1994 lewis120_excerpt2.mp3 2001OH001_APSA120_Lewis_Excerpt_2.docx
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