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2016 Call for Editors: APSA Journals

APSA's New Open-Access Journal
Submissions are closed. 
APSA seeks proposals for the editor or editorial team of a new, open access journal, yet to be named. This (online-only) journal will be free of all paywalls or subscription requirements, meaning that it will be accessible to anyone in the world with an Internet connection. [Read More.]

Perspectives on Politics
Submissions are closed. 
APSA seeks applications for the position of editor of one of its flagship journals, Perspectives on Politics. Established in 2002, Perspectives has quickly become one of the top journals in political science with a high impact factor and rising submissions and readership. It occupies a distinctive place in APSA's constellation of journals and in the evolving political science public sphere. The editorship of this journal is a terrific opportunity to support the research enterprise and public mission of the discipline and to promote its rich diversity of interests and methodological approaches. [Read More.]

Journal of Political Science Education

Submissions are closed. 
APSA is accepting applications for a new editor or editorial team for the Journal of Political Science Education. APSA has recently become the official sponsor of this journal and will make it available to all of its 13,000 members, greatly expanding the journal’s reach and visibility. The current editorial team, Kerstin Hamann (Editor-in-Chief), Philip H. Pollock, and Bruce M. Wilson, is scheduled to conclude its term on June 30, 2016. [Read More.]
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