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APSA invites participation in a variety of marketing opportunities, including advertising in publications, sponsorship of programs, exhibits at meetings and conferences, and targeted mailings using APSA's mailing lists.

APSA Annual Meeting

A Unique Opportunity for Advertisers and Sponsors
The APSA Annual Meeting provides many advertising and sponsorship opportunities for your company. APSA travels to a different city every year for the Annual Meeting, which draws over 7,000 participants.

  • Annual Meeting Program - Highlight your programs, publications and products to 7,000+ attendees. Print and online ads available. With many new events and special programming planned for the each Annual Meeting, APSA invites you share in this excitement by taking advantage of sponsorship and exhibition opportunities. Find out about advertising and sponsorship at the Annual Meeting by calling (202) 483-2512 and speaking with the meetings manager or e-mail [email protected].

APSA Teaching & Learning Conference
Advertise in the TLC Program Book. Covers, full pages, and half pages are available, along with a special, limited opportunity of dedicated email blasts for exhibitors and sponsors. Camera ready copy is due on November 18.

Mailing List - Target Your Next Mailing

Use APSA's mailing lists to reach the political scientists of your choice. You can choose from thousands of members using hundreds of selections to ensure that your mailings will be the most effective they can be. 

APSA is the major US-based professional organization whose members engage in the study of politics. APSA membership totals more than 16,000 individuals and institutions, and represents nearly 80 countries. Along with individual members conducting research and teaching in colleges and universities, 25% of APSA membership pursue careers in government, research and consulting firms, and private enterprise.

APSA has contracted with INFOCUS to exclusively handle all facets of its member list rental program. Please refer all list inquiries, count requests and list orders to (Note: All list rentals are subject to approval by APSA): 

Phone: 800.708.5478
Email: [email protected]

View the lists available and the ratesheet.

Journal Advertising
  • American Political Science Review - The Foremost Scholarly Journal of Political Science
    APSR articles are more frequently cited and over a much longer time span than any political science journal. Circulation 16,000.
  • Perspectives on Politics - APSA's Newest and Broadest Reaching Journal
    Perspectives reaches scholars across many fields, professional political scientists, political analysts, policy makers, and the informed public and aims to connect research findings, conceptual innovations, or theoretical developments to real problems of politics. POP also includes a book review section. Circulation 16,000. 
  • PS: Political Science and Politics - Articles on Contemporary Politics
    PS features general articles on contemporary politics, on the profession of political science and incorporates The Teacher, featuring resources on teaching for college faculty, high school teachers and students. Circulation 16,000.

APSA Journals 
The three APSA journals, PS: Political Science and Politics, Perspectives on Politics, and the American Political Science Review, are all published by Cambridge University Press. Permission requests can be directed to Cambridge online using the information and forms at:

Note: APSA journal authors are granted the right to reproduce their article or an adapted version of it in any volume of which they are the editor or author. Permission is automatically granted to the publisher of such volume, subject to normal acknowledgement. View copyright transfer agreements for the American Political Science Review, Perspectives on Politics, and PS: Political Science and Politics.

Questions not covered at that website can be directed to:
Cambridge University Press
32 Avenue of the Americas
New York, N.Y. 10013-2473

Other APSA Publications
To request permissions of other publications published by APSA (such as Teaching Civic EngagementCareer and the Study of Political Science, etc.), fill out this online form.

Your request will be assessed within 1 business day. For other questions about APSA publications please contact [email protected]
American Political Science Association
1527 New Hampshire Ave NW
Washington, DC 20036-1206
(202) 483-2512 • Fax: +1 (202) 483-2657

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