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APSA Careers Brochures

APSA introduces updated brochures on studying political science! They explain both the benefits of choosing political science as a major and the career opportunities for students who graduate with a degree in political science. The brochures are available for purchase or as a free download for departments to produce on their own at a lower cost.

These brochures were formerly published as “Political Science: An Ideal Liberal Arts Major.” We trust this new format will serve departments well as they promote their programs.

Click here to order the brochure set.

Directions for Printing

Departments who are looking to save costs are welcome to download the brochure files so that they can print and fold their own. Click on the below links to view and download the documents.

Note: The brochures are two-sided, and need to be printed with the “short-edge binding” setting. The printer should be set to print the documents in 8.5 x 11 full size (i.e., with no "fitting"). Beyond these recommendations, APSA cannot provide printing troubleshooting or support. 

Why Study Political Science?

This updated brochure explains the benefits of studying political science for students trying to choose their degree. The brochure also provides tips for both high school and current undergraduate students. 

Readers will learn that degree in political science opens up compelling fields of inquiry and provides important critical thinking skills that are crucial for employment in today’s workforce. Students can look forward to studying some of the most pressing questions of the day while building their knowledge base.

Order “Why Study Political Science.”

Download “Why Study Political Science.”

Exploring a Career in Political Science

This updated brochure explores opportunities after graduating with a degree in political science. Readers will consider the benefits of their education and learn about the many fields open to students of political science.

The brochure discusses options such as teaching, additional education, public service, and private sector employment. Finally, readers will learn about the benefits of studying political science by considering the options that await them after graduation.

Order “Careers for Political Science Students.”

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