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PS: Political Science & Politics

APSA's Journal of Record for the Profession

PSPS: Political Science & Politics provides critical analyses of contemporary political phenomena and is the journal of record for the discipline of political science reporting on research, teaching, and professional development. PS, begun in 1968, is the only quarterly professional news and commentary journal in the field and is the prime source of information on political scientists' achievements and professional concerns.

Current Issue: April Issue, 2016

From the Editor’s Corner: True to form, the April issue of PS features timely, peer reviewed research on a number of topics. The symposium “The Changing South,” with guest editors Michael Henderson  and Wayne Parent, explores some explanations for changing electoral landscape of the South. The second symposium, with guest editor Valerie Martinez-Ebers, discusses the relationship between institutional review boards and political science research. Featuring 6 articles covering a variety of politics research as well as 4 articles devoted to the scholarship of teaching and learning, the April issue is packed with quality scholarship.

This issue also includes the first two “From the Sections” articles. Each speaks to ongoing disciplinary debates regarding political science epistemology. The first, by Nicholas Eubank describes his experiences managing the research replication process for the Quarterly Journal of Political Science. The second is a significantly revised version of an article by Dvora Yanow and Peregrine Schwartz-Shea on how political scientists need to actively engage with their institutional research board (IRB).

Another feature in this issue of PS is a set of two unique articles on mentoring by longtime APSA members Gerhard Loewenberg of Cornell University and Daniel H. Levine of the University of Michigan. Both articles provide a set of personal reflections on how graduate training was conducted in an earlier era, and what lessons can be learned today.

In this issue, we are pleased to introduce a new organization of the table of contents. Content is now organized under four main sections: Politics (formerly Features), The Profession, The Teacher, and The Association. Symposia, under the editorship of Rob Hauck, have grown to be an important component of PS. We wish to now highlight them under the appropriate sub-heading. For example, this issue includes a Profession Symposium on the politics of IRBs.

With the exception of The Association, all contributions to the journal are the result of a blind peer-review process. This includes articles within Symposia, From the Sections, and Spotlight sections.

Current Virtual Issue: CFP Congressional Fellowship Program

PSC 49 V2 Cover

This virtual issue features articles written by alumni of the American Political Science Association’s Congressional Fellowship Program and published in PS: Political Science & Politics between 2010 and 2015. Established in 1953, the Congressional Fellowship Program brings select scholars and professionals to Washington, DC, each year to serve fellowship placements in congressional and other offices. The articles gathered here—written by alumni who are political scientists, journalists, health policy specialists, and other domestic and international professionals—illustrate the unique first-hand insights into Congress and the legislative process provided by the fellowship experience.

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