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Section Treasurer FAQs

I am a new Section Treasurer. How do I gain access to our Section bank account? APSA provides all incoming Section Treasurers with a signature card during the Organized Section breakfast at the Annual Meeting. The card is located in the folder received by all breakfast participants. If you misplaced the card or did not attend the meeting, contact APSA to receive another one.

Where are my Section's bank statements? The APSA National Office receives directly all paperwork associated with the account and forwards the original bank statements to treasurers on a quarterly basis, after retaining a photocopy. If you need to obtain copies of missing statements, you will need to contact the Organized Sections Liaison at [email protected], as the bank will not send statements directly to you.

Where are my deposit slips and checkbooks? Each of you should have in your possession a checkbook and deposit slips. If you do not, we recommend that you contact your predecessor for these materials, as well as past bank statements. If you need to reorder either of these items, please contact the bank directly via the telephone, or use the reorder form located inside the existing book.

How do I deposit money into my Section's bank account? Account deposits can be made at any branch of Bank of America, and you do not need to send them to APSA. If, however, you do not have a Bank of America location near you, APSA can make deposits for you, simply mail a filled-out deposit slip, along with the endorsed checks, to: Organized Section Liaison, APSA, 1527 New Hampshire Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036.
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