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The Fund For Latino Scholarship

Applications for the 2018 Fund for Latino Scholarship are open. Apply here!

The Fund’s primary goal is to encourage and support the recruitment, retention, and promotion of Latina/o political scientists (especially students and tenure track junior faculty); our secondary goal is to support research on Latino politics in the United States (especially students and tenure track junior faculty). Grants will be made to individuals, institutions, and projects whose purposes most clearly match the goals of the Fund, and whose proposals most persuasively demonstrate capacity for successful completion. The Fund for Latino Scholarship is an APSA Centennial Center Research Grant.

The fund will award grants to initiatives that:

  1. identify promising Latino/a undergraduates and encourage them to enter the profession of political science;
  2. provide professional opportunities and financial assistance to Latino/a graduate students in political science programs;
  3. support the teaching, research and publishing activities of junior-level, tenure track Latino/a political science faculty; and
  4. support research projects on Latino/a politics in the United States.

Guidelines for Grants
  1. The Fund's priority will be travel assistance to young scholars and institutional proposals for student recruitment and retention. Latino/a scholars (whatever their research field), and all scholars (including non-Latinos/as) who are studying Latino politics in the U.S., are eligible for support.
  2. Travel grants and most research grants will be for $500. Under exceptional circumstances, a grant of up to $1,000 may be awarded.
  3. In our view, applicant scholars will gain the most by using this grant to travel to the annual meeting of the American Political Science Association. Many scholars from across political science subfields will be in attendance; employment interviews and professional development are offered; the Latino Caucus for Political Science, and the APSA Committee on the Status of Latinas y Latinos in the Profession, will hold annual meetings; and significant audiences for your research -- among fellow scholars, granting agencies, and publishers -- will be found.
  4. We will also consider travel assistance for other purposes, including 1) field research; 2) attendance at a different scholarly conference; or 3) participation in a program of the APSA Centennial Center for Political Science and Public Affairs.
  5. Institutional proposals to enhance the recruitment and retention of Latino/a undergraduate and/or graduate students, must include certification that the host institution, department, or program will provide direct financial support at least equal to the maximum $1000 grant from the Fund. Previous successful experience with similar projects would be advantageous, but is not required; we encourage institutional applicants to be innovative.
  6. Each grantee must submit a two-page application form, available online, summarizing current research activities which are relevant to the grant. This form may be submitted electronically or by hard copy, but must in either case be submitted to us, postmarked or electronically time-stamped.
  7. Grantees must submit a follow-up report to APSA no later than October 1st (for individual awards) and one year after the award date (for institutional awards).
Eligible Applicants

Grants may be awarded to any programs and/or individuals involved in the successful recruitment of promising Latinos into the discipline of political science or, alternatively, grants may be given directly to individual Latino/Latina students (at both undergraduate and graduate levels) who are participating in discipline-related programs and activities. Latino political science faculty in tenure-track positions are also eligible to apply for and receive Latino Fund grants to be used for teaching, research or publishing activities. Individuals conducting research on Latino politics are also eligible to apply.

See 2017 Fund for Latino Scholarship Award Recipients below.

  • Rudy Alamillo   University of California, Riverside*
  • Teresa Yolotl Gomez, San Jose State University*
  • Alfredo Gonzalez, University of Chicago
  • Maricruz Osorio, Knox College
  • Estefania Castañeda Pérez, UCLA
  • Heather Silber Mohamed, Clark University
  • University of Maryland Center for American Politics and Citizenship (Institutional Award)

*Scholarship funds used to support costs associated with travel to the 2017 APSA Annual Meeting 

Also, see 2015 award recipients.

2018 Application Deadline

2018 applications are due on Friday, June 15, 2018. Questions about applications may be submitted by email to [email protected]


Support the Fund for Latino Scholarship

Gifts from members and friends like you to the Fund for Latino Scholarship are always appreciated and help APSA promote opportunity and achievement in political science. Contribute Now!

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