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APSA Presidents: 1903 To Present

President University/Affiliation Dates
Jennifer Hochschild Harvard University  2015-Present
Rodney E. Hero University of California, Berkeley 2014-2015
John Aldrich Duke University 2013-2014
Jane Mansbridge Harvard University 2012-2013
G. Bingham Powell, Jr. University of Rochester 2011-2012
Carole Pateman University of California, Los Angeles 2010-2011
Henry Brady University of California, Berkeley 2009-2010
Peter Katzenstein Cornell University 2008-2009
Dianne Pinderhughes University of Notre Dame 2007-2008
Robert Axelrod University of Michigan 2006-2007
Ira Katznelson Columbia University 2005-2006
Margaret Levi University of Washington 2004-2005
Susanne Hoeber Rudolph University of Chicago 2003-2004
Theda Skocpol Harvard University 2002-2003
Robert D. Putnam Harvard University 2001-2002
Robert Jervis Columbia University 2000-2001
Robert O. Keohane Duke University 1999-2000
Matthew Holden Jr. Isaiah T. Montgomery Studies Project, Inc. 1998-1999
M. Kent Jennings University of California, Santa Barbara 1997-1998
Elinor Ostrom Indiana University 1996-1997
Arend Lijphart University of California, San Diego 1995-1996
Sidney Verba Harvard University 1994-1995
Charles O. Jones University of Wisconsin 1993-1994
Lucius J. Barker Stanford University 1992-1993
James Q. Wilson University of California, Los Angeles 1991-1992
Theodore J. Lowi Cornell University 1990-1991
Judith N. Shklar Harvard University 1989-1990
Lucian W. Pye Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1988-1989
Kenneth N. Waltz University of California, Berkeley 1987-1988
Samuel P. Huntington Harvard University 1986-1987
Aaron B. Wildavsky University of California, Berkeley 1985-1986
Richard F. Fenno University of Rochester 1984-1985
Philip E. Converse University of Michigan 1983-1984
William H. Riker University of Rochester 1982-1983
Seymour Martin Lipset Stanford University 1981-1982
Charles E. Lindblom Yale University 1980-1981
Warren E. Miller University of Michigan 1979-1980
Leon D. Epstein University of Wisconsin-Madison 1978-1979
John C. Wahlke University of Iowa 1977-1978
Samuel H. Beer Harvard University 1976-1977
James MacGregor Burns Williams College 1975-1976
Austin Ranney University of Wisconsin 1974-1975
Avery Leiserson Vanderbilt University 1973-1974
Robert E. Ward University of Michigan 1972-1973
Heinz Eulau Stanford University 1971-1972
Robert E. Lane Yale University 1970-1971
Karl W. Deutsch Harvard University 1969-1970
David Easton University of Chicago 1968-1969
Merle Fainsod Harvard University 1967-1968
Robert A. Dahl Yale University 1966-1967
Gabriel A. Almond Stanford University 1965-1966
David B. Truman Columbia University 1964-1965
C. Herman Pritchett University of Chicago 1963-1964
Carl J. Friedrich Harvard University 1962-1963
Charles S. Hyneman Indiana University 1961-1962
Emmette S. Redford University of Texas 1960-1961
Carl B. Swisher Johns Hopkins University 1959-1960
R. Taylor Cole Duke University 1958-1959
V.O. Key, Jr., Harvard University 1957-1958
E.E. Schattschneider Wesleyan University 1956-1957
Harold D. Lasswell Yale University 1955-1956
Charles McKinley Reed College 1954-1955
Ralph J. Bunche United Nations 1953-1954
Pendleton Herring Social Science Research Council 1952-1953
Luther Gulick National Institute of Public Administration 1951-1952
Peter H. Odegard University of California, Berkeley 1950-1951
James K. Pollock University of Michigan 1949-1950
Quincy Wright University of Chicago 1948-1949
Henry R. Spencer Ohio State University 1947-1948
Arthur W. MacMahon Columbia University 1946-1947
Walter F. Dodd Chicago 1945-1946
John Gaus University of Wisconsin 1944-1945
Leonard D. White University of Chicago 1943-1944
Robert E. Cushman Cornell University 1942-1943
William Anderson University of Minnesota 1941-1942
Frederic A. Ogg University of Wisconsin 1940-1941
Robert C. Brooks Swarthmore College 1939-1940
Charles Grove Haines University of California, Los Angeles 1938-1939
Clarence A. Dykstra University of Wisconsin 1937-1938
Thomas Reed Powell Harvard University 1936-1937
Arthur N. Holcombe Harvard University 1935-1936
Francis W. Coker Yale University 1934-1935
Walter J. Shepard Ohio State University 1933-1934
Isidor Loeb Washington University 1932-1933
William F. Willoughby Brookings Insititution 1931-1932
Edward S. Corwin Princeton University 1930-1931
Benjamin F. Shambaugh University of Iowa 1929-1930
John A. Fairlie University of Illinois 1928-1929
Jesse S. Reeves University of Michigan 1927-1928
William Bennett Munro Harvard University 1926-1927
Charles A. Beard Training School Public Service 1925-1926
Charles E. Merriam University of Chicago 1924-1925
James W. Garner University of Illinois 1923-1924
Harry A. Garfield Williams College 1922-1923
William A. Dunning Columbia University 1921-1922
Leo S. Rowe Director, Gen. Pan Am American Union 1920-1921
Paul S. Reinsch U.S. Minister to China 1919-1920
Henry Jones Ford Princeton University 1918-1919
Munroe Smith Columbia University 1916-1918
Jesse Macy Grinnell College 1915-1916
Ernst Freund University of Chicago 1914-1915
John Bassett Moore Columbia University 1913-1914
W.W. Willoughby Johns Hopkins University 1912-1913
Albert Bushnell Hart Harvard University 1911-1912
Simeon E. Baldwin Yale University 1910-1911
Woodrow Wilson Princeton University 1909-1910
A. Lawrence Lowell Harvard University 1908-1909
James Bryce British Ambassador to U.S. 1907-1908
Frederick N. Judson St. Louis 1906-1907
Albert Shaw New York City 1905-1906
Frank J. Goodnow Columbia University 1903-1905
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